Tribal Jewellery Gilded in Gold

Tribal Jewellery Gilded in Gold

Spotlight On: Tribal Jewellery

We agree tribal jewellery has made a comeback and that your ‘hunt’ is still on. The ones around are either imitation pieces or are crafted from really low-value materials. Also the finish, sometimes they are too rough for your style and taste. Well, then trust us to do some voodoo for you! And here you go—a store and a brand that has given tribal jewellery its rightful ‘golden’ twist.

Spotted At: AdiKriti at Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers

Tribal jewellery is usually associated with beads, semi-precious metals and even terracotta barring them from the wardrobes of those who like it precious. But voila, this collection breaks that mould while retaining the traditional colours and materials but augmented with real gold motifs.

The Story Behind

When you see the pieces, you would know, they are beyond saleability. This line is a labour love. Brand owners, Rupak Saha and his wife toured the eight states of North-east India and stumbled upon 250 tribes to capture the slices of their lives and craft them into bejewelled accessories.

The Showstoppers

These designer handcrafted pieces have stories to tell and style statements to make. Spell bold, with a neck-piece that showcases the busts of a tribal couple. Enter the grassy lands of Assam with a one-horned rhino pendant. Get dually stylish and religious with Goddess Durga dominating Mahishasura. Golden tribal beads, dancing and hunting postures, and the tribal symbols, you can choose from a wide gamut. Apparently, the likes of Hariharan, Soha Ali Khan and Mahesh Babu have donned them too.

Signing Off

The profits accrued from this line were used to rehabilitate the endangered Rian tribe in Wangenbadi village. A fashion tip here: this style is about pride and passion! Enough to willingly dance to a tribal tune and tone, isn’t it?


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