Top 100 Precious Jewellery Designs of India

We welcome you to a first-ever celebration of the Top 100 Precious Jewellery Designs of India from the Fura Retail Jeweller India Awards 2018.

We present to you five of the finest creations in each of the 20 award categories, a total of 100 masterpieces, finalised by a Grand Jury of unimpeachable experts (click on A Dazzling Soiree Indeed! to know who they are, what they saw and what they said at the Grand Jury Meet.)

Hundreds of illustrious participants from across the jewellery industry in India, together with a high-profile Grand Jury of experts and the dedicated Awards team, have spent months identifying and selecting the very finest jewellery creations of that year.

The Top 100 Precious Jewellery Designs of India is the only platform in existence where an aficionado of fine jewellery can study the full range of top-drawer Indian design, and witness the birth and culmination of spectacular trends and witness the collective excellence of the top retail houses in the country.

This is the only selection in India that can provide a fashion-forward connoisseur with an accurate picture of the best that the industry has to offer, and a clear view into current and developing trends.

The Top 100 designs draw the industry’s and consumers’ attention to the most innovative new ideas — ideas that move Indian jewellery design forward by harmonising the genius of the makers and creators and the desires of modern consumers. These precious works of art add to the stock of beauty and wonder in our world.

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