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Aisshpra Jewellery Boutique uses uncut diamonds for a unique design language

Earrings @Aisshpra Jewellery Boutique, Lucknow Lucknow’s Aisshpra Jewellery Boutique has come up with a line of embellished jhumkas that marry old school silhouettes with modern handiwork. The curation of uncut diamonds, emeralds and gold tassels make for a dynamic makeup; but the design is also in sync with the silhouette which makes the pieces really […]

Belgee Jewellers reimagines diamond sets in a modernised context

Belgee Jewellers has a new line-up of elegant and intelligent diamond sets which revamp the idea of old school sets by introducing urbanised and fluid design movements. So be it princess silhouettes or something clingier or high-panelled, all the pieces have a really workable and versatile colour intervention and an incredible finish.  

S.K Jewellers’ new bridal line circles back to regal jadau artisanship

Jadau Jewellery @S.K Jewellers, Amritsar Amritsar’s S.K Jewellers has introduced some resplendent, ornate old school jadau sets which rely on some old school Mughal design techniques and elements like oversized clean cut gemstone settings, panelled polki necklaces, heavy-set jadau chandelier danglers etc, which are big on dramatic, maximalist karigari, perfect for the bridal memo.

Kalasha Fine Jewels dramatises temple design language for contemporary use

Temple Jewellery @Kalasha Fine Jewels, Hyderabad Hyderabad’s Kalasha Fine Jewels has a new temple jewellery edit that transcends traditional memo by introducing some stunningly dramatic curations. Their new line is exquisite and versatile, without being too conservative in design language. The exaggerated gold paneled temple neckpieces feature stylised blocky gold centrepieces and some really astute colour […]

Konika Jewellery uses carved gems to introduce a fresher, sophisticated bridal palette

Bridal Necklace Set @Konika Jewellery, Chennai Chennai’s Konika Jewellery makes the most of the carved gemstone trend by featuring intricately carved coloured gems in dynamic jadau curations. The carved stones elevate the mood of the bridal pieces but also have a keen focus on tonality and polished colour blocking.

Multani Jewellers’ polki line proves modern jadau aspires to put utility first

Polki Jewellery @Multani Jewellers, New Delhi New Delhi’s Multani Jewellers’ bridal polki line steers towards versatile usage, especially vis-a-vis settings and visual curation. The elaborate but uncluttered bridal haars feature clean-cut, stylish navratna and polki kundan work along with breathy paneled settings so brides can repeat the pieces as statement picks even for non-bridal memos.

Kulthiaa Jewels updates the classic gold and diamond styling

Diamond Gold Pendants @Kulthiaa Jewels, Kolkata Kolkata’s jewellers Kulthiaa Jewels has introduced a stunning, experimental diamond and gold pendant line. The pieces have some fierce, rose gold and yellow gold floral-inspired motifs which have been finished with a modernist silhouette and embellished with an array of well-cut diamonds to revamp the classical memo.

Renu Oberoi’s emerald line gives a facelift to fail-safe classic silhouettes

Diamond Earrings @Renu Oberoi Luxury Jewellers. Luxury jeweller Renu Oberoi’s has an impressive new emerald line featuring ambitious silhouettes that modernize classic picks like baguette diamond earrings, three-dimensional pear-cut Zambian emerald studs, and oversized pear-shaped danglers featuring colour-blocked emeralds and yellow rose-cut diamonds, by switching up the detailing.

Challani Jewellery Mart contemporises temple gold language

Temple Gold Jewellery @Challani Jewellery Mart, Chennai Chennai’s Challani Jewellery Mart makes it easier for modern brides to style temple gold jewellery for their bridal look. Their new line is simply exquisite and versatile, without being too conservative in design language. The maximalist temple chokers and neckpieces feature Lakshmi and Balaji centrepieces and some ruby […]

NAC Jewellers proves temple wedding picks can be elaborate, yet efficient

Gold Temple Bangles @NAC Jewellers, Chennai Temple jewellery need not be cumbersome and Chennai’s NAC Jewellers has a new line of stunning gold temple bangles, which borrow from heirloom silhouettes and homegrown design language but stick to the wearability of modern pieces. From wide floral kadas to symmetrical naga bangles with gemstone intervention the line […]

Ramesh Chandra Parekh Jewellers rethinks millennial elegance with bridal necklaces

Bridal Gold Necklaces @ Ramesh Chandra Parekh Jewellers, Kolkata Kolkata’s Ramesh Chandra Parekh Jewellers has come up with an exquisite line of elaborate bridal gold necklaces which make the most of homegrown artistry without doing away with modernity. There are quite a few design interventions as the necklaces are accented panelling, gold mosaic and Polki […]

Zaveri and Co’s Mughali and Jadtar gold naths are superbly chic

Gold naths @Zaveri and Co, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad’s Zaveri and Co’s traditional gold naths switch up the retro styling with some incredibly well-curated detailing like some subtle Mughali karigari, paisley accents and jadtar work. The collection sticks to traditional embellishments and introduce some polished and wearable silhouettes which are also more pairable with bridal bling.

Canarys’ award-winning ruby line re-imagines high jewellery for the Gen-Z age

Ruby Jewellery @Canarys, Jaipur The well-received ruby line by Jaipur’s Canarys essentially makes it easier for the younger crop to flaunt high jewellery. The modernist and dynamic line pays a lot of attention to silhouettes and curation, by picking the right cut of gems. The pieces also feature a modernized version of Jaipuri karigari that […]

Bhima Jewellers’ gold temple jewellery is design-rich and audacious

Gold Temple Necklaces @Bhima Jewellers, Bengaluru Bengaluru’s Bhima Jewellers has acquired quite a reputation for their stylized take on heritage designs; their new line of gold temple necklaces sticks to the palette of the old school, design-heavy artisanship with moody, intricate, tone-on-tone handiwork. The oversized solid gold center motifs and chic paneling complement the traditional […]

Tibarumal Ramnivas jewellers showcase how the right accents can be transformative

Necklaces @Tibarumal Ramnivas, Hyderabad Tibarumal Ramnivas’ new stunning edit features some powerful silhouettes which are flanked by perfect elements. The chic, cosmopolitan emerald-strung choker, for instance, features some easy paneling and a rested color tone which makes it such a wearable number. The diamond Kundan piece, on the other hand, relies on some stylish ruby accents and […]

Desraj Jewellers’ new line puts a fun spin on classic diamond cocktail rings

diamond cocktail rings @Desraj Jewellers, Delhi Wide silhouetted cocktail rings are all the rage, however, this styling needs to be curated along really discerning lines so the symmetry and colouring are in sync. Delhi’s Desraj Jewellers has a line of bold, gorgeous diamond rings that featured a clean-cut, stylised array of diamonds that have been […]

Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery’s long statement Haaram necklaces are the epitome of elegance

Haaram necklaces @Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery, Hyderabad Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellery, Hyderabad has a line of stunning, longline Haaram necklaces featuring a stylized interplay of emeralds and diamonds. There are some multi-panelled and wide silhouetted pieces as well, which are a rather sophisticated upgrade on plain old school Haaram chains since they’re dressier and more versatile.

Sunder Jewellers’ stylised bridal Polki is the ultimate D-day indulgence

Polki Jadau Necklaces @Sunder Jewellers, Chandigarh Chandigarh’s Sunder Jewellers has reworked Polki styling to make it flashier and statement-worthy, which is the kind of ornateness millennial are looking for. Their well-decked Polki Jadau necklaces and moti haars flanked by colourful gemstone panelling and carved emerald centrepieces are ideal for the Instagrammable wedding styling.  

Jugal Kishore Jeweller’s antique Kundan line takes some great design risks

Kundan Necklaces @Jugal Kishore Jewellers, Lucknow Lucknow’s Jugal Kishore Jewellers has a new antique Kundan collection that breaks out of the monotony of the safe, rustic, tonality and design language that old-school Kundan usually offers. The necklaces of this edit are exceptionally well-curated with gold panelling, Polki embellishments, some stylized colour intervention and very interesting […]

Sona Chandi Jewellers rethinks diamond sets in a cocktail format

Diamond Necklaces @Sona Chandi Jewellers, Kanpur A plain old diamond set just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the dressy memo in 2021. Sona Chandi Jewellers has a new line of ornate, wide-silhouetted diamond necklaces that revamp the idea of old school diamond bling by introducing classic design movements with a chic, urbanist spin […]

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