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Take a risk with these audacious diamond danglers from Mehta Emporium’s new line

Diamond Danglers @Mehta Emporium, Mumbai Want a flashier look this season? Go for this collection of dramatic diamond danglers from Mumbai’s Mehta Emporium. What we really love about this line-up is that it brings in some homegrown designs and motifs too, but the elaborate design has been curated along modern lines to make each number more […]

These audacious Rare Jewels line helps millennial brides connect with heritage jewellery.

Jadau Necklace Collection @Rare Jewels, Pune Rare Jewels – A Ranka Legacy, Pune has a necklace line-up featuring flamboyant traditional detailing and Rajputi techniques, flanked by rubies, turquoise, etc; but the line is not just about oversized gemstones and embellished jadau, but balances traditional design language with modern detailing especially in terms of colour schemes […]

The House of Rambhajos revamps polki for the cocktail memo

Polki Ring Collection @House of Rambhajos, Jaipur The House of Rambhajos, Jaipur’s new Polki ring collection features some really well-curated ornateness; each number boasts of sparkling, uncluttered Polki balanced with some traditional nuances like old school Bikaneri setting and Borla rings which make the pieces more adaptable and pairable with dressier cocktail fashion.  

Reliance Jewels dials up the drama with their chandan haar line

Gold Chandan Haar Collection @Reliance Jewels, Mumbai Reliance Jewels, Mumbai has introduced a gold collection featuring impeccably design-rich Chandan haar, which are not just gorgeously styled, but also exude a sophisticated tonal consistency in spite of the added drama. The necklaces are embellished with interesting, ornate elements but do not compromise on the idea of […]

This polki line by Pooja Diamonds is all about retro chicness

Polki Necklaces @Pooja Diamonds, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad’s Pooja Diamonds has introduced an impeccable polki line that borrows some influences from old Hollywood styling; the necklaces feature clean-cut polkis and do not feature too many overlapping design elements. Our favourite pick would be the layered polki and pearl necklace that features a diamond panel surrounded by a […]

Sham Jewellers rethinks diamond sets to make them more cosmopolitan

Diamond Necklace Collection @Sham Jewellers, Chandigarh A plain old diamond set just doesn’t cut it when it comes to millennial occasion wear. Sham Jewellers, Chandigarh has a new collection of elegant, effortless diamond jewellery which revamp classic diamond pieces by introducing urban, stylised design movements in an attempt to make the picks effervescent and breezy. […]

Mangatrai Pearls & Jewellers new line-up features stunning vintage elements

Polki Necklace Collection @Mangatrai Pearls & Jewellers, Hyderabad If you’re planning to go the old school route for your wedding, from Hyderabad Mangatrai Pearls & Jewellers’ new high jewellery collection needs your attention. The polki and emerald bridal collection features some gorgeously crafted jadau sets and boasts of some vintage homegrown design language that has been […]

Mohan Shyam Kalyandas Jewellers new line plays up Awadhi nuances for bridal picks

Noori Collection @Mohan Shyam Kalyandas Jewellers, Lucknow Lucknow-based Mohan Shyam Kalyandas Jewellers has a new collection titled Noori that features some distinct regal, Nawabi design language like elaborate enamel work, antique gold detailing, pearl ranihaars and polkis. The line-up has been crafted with a focus on the karigari, to make the retro detailing less cumbersome, […]

Shyam Sundar Company Jewellers’ newest line reimagines age-old temple jewellery in a wearable context

Gold Pendant Collection @Shyam Sundar Company Jewellers, Kolkata Many millennial brides are gearing towards temple jewellery as they exude a sense of heritage and also may resonate with their individual cultures. Kolkata’s Shyam Sundar Company Jewellers has launched a collection that adds a much-needed versatility to gold temple jewellery. The line features wooden accents and […]

Kalamandir Jewellers modernises heirloom polki for the new-age bride.

Polki Necklace set @Kalamandir Jewellers, Surat Surat’s Kalamandir Jewellery has a stunning new bridal high jewellery collection which has picked up the right elements from old-world heirloom jewellery and has put some modernist, interesting spins into them. From multi-stringed ruby and diamond necklaces to superbly embellished moti haar with regal peacock motifs, if you’re getting […]

Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang proves modern polki aspires to be utilitarian

Polki Necklace set @Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang, New Delhi. Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang’s newest bridal polki line is all about multi-memo usage; more and more jewellers are focusing on repeatability even when it comes to bridal pieces, to make an investment piece more economical in value. Hazoorilal’s polki collection features clean-cut, stylish emerald kundan work, […]

Geet Jewels is taking cocktail maximalism to the next level, and we love it

Cocktail Rings @Geet Jewels, Ahmedabad. Geet Jewels has come up with superbly, dramatic and exquisitely crafted gemstone rings; each number features a stylised curation of strategically placed coloured stones and some quirky motifs. Our favourite was the extravagant parrot ring, depicting a bird perched on the yellow gold band; it has been designed to draw […]

Can the jhumka be urbanised? Notandas Jewellers’ new line makes a flamboyant effort

Polki Jhumka’s @Notandas & Sons, Mumbai. Notandas Jewellers has come up with an exceptional curation of polki jhumkas, featuring clean-cut purple tanzanites, rubies, pearls and some chic enamelling. The line ties to switch-up the classic silhouette of the jhumka with some discerning modernist touches, that add a really tasteful edge to the pieces while retaining […]

MP Jewellers has a new breathy, no-frills diamond line-up

Diamond Necklace collection @M.P Jewellers, Kolkata. Kolkata’s MP Jewellers has introduced a collection of impeccably finished diamond necklaces with a focus on neat, uncluttered designs and airy panelling. The selection does not go for exaggerated centrepieces or heavy embellishments but instead opts for a consistent tonality by not introducing too many design elements. The necklaces […]

Kamdar Avlani pushes the experimental memo with its newest emerald line

Emerald collection @Kamdar Avlani, mumbai Atelier Kamdar Avlani has garnered quite a bit of renown for their bold, futuristic design memos. Their new emerald line tries to introduce some classic elements with the help of old school silhouettes. We found some emerald and diamond necklaces with Edwardian touches and pearl panels, and interesting settings. One […]

Jatin Mor Jewel’s new diamond spells bespoke luxury at its finest for the modern brides

Diamond necklace @Jatinmorjewels, Hyderabad Delicate and dramatic, sophisticated and chic, Jatin Mor Jewels, Hyderabad’s brand new bridal collection is an oasis for the millennial brides wanting to swing in high-style drama on their weddings. Each piece has been brilliantly crafted to exude a sense of great luxury with copious use of diamonds on extremely modern […]

Navrathan Jewellers revives traditional temple jewellery to make it more versatile

Temple jewellery has always been a hard sell for millennial buyers especially beyond the bridal circuit; but Navrathan Jewellers is trying to update gold temple jewellery to fit it into the modern design memo. Their newest line which features exquisite hand carved gold work and some flawless coloured accents, are meant to be statement pieces […]

SK Gold Jewellers’ new collection features earthy antique detailing

Baroda-based jewellery brand SK Gold Jewellery has come up with a line-up which features impeccable, design-rich antique jewellery and old school heritage motifs. The range has a very discerning sense of rusticity but the pieces are also very uncluttered and balanced in tonal quality, so they make for great statement picks. The ruby and emerald […]

Sawansukha Jewellers’ Bikaneri jadau is sophisticated and dreamy

Sawansukha Jewellers Kolkata is getting the memo right on heirloom-inspired jewellery and is pushing a fuss-free design language. The Kolkata-based jewellery house has a jadau line-up featuring bona fide Rajasthani karigari with colourful enamel work, Kundan, antique gold finish that showcases the finest homegrown artisanship. The line also opts for interesting, uncluttered polki settings which […]

Shri Paramani Jewels Contemporises Heritage Elements For Their Ruby and Polki line

Shri Paramani Jewels, New Delhi has a reputation for their flawless antique designs which borrow from the design language of the past. Their newest ruby and polki line attempts to balance some modern setting techniques with old school styling; the necklaces exude an Edwardian elegance with flower accents and breathy embellishments, and the rubies add […]

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