Team Your Jewels With Your Silhouettes


So this craze for matching jewellery with outfits is on a rise. That precise, style statements have become! Sounds like a tedious process? Not if you identify a brand that offers both.

Piyusha Nyati, owner and director, Ornate Jewels, Kota, Rajasthan captured this rage to convert it into a unique offer for her customers. This young impresario launched her brand in August 2015 with a 25,000 sqft showroom in Kota. Ornate Jewels specialises in diamond, polki and kundan jewellery. That’s common, we agree, but not her business model.

Nyati supposed that the customers who appreciated her jewellery lines would also be requiring ethnic couture to match with them. Since time is a luxury these days and surfing through endless stores, is a long-drawn process, she decided to debut into the unique concept of cross-retailing.

So how does cross relating benefit buyers? In May last year, Nyati opened a second showroom, 4,000 sqft in Kota, to launch a women’s fine ethnic-wear brand, Azwa. Since the jewellery and ethnic-wear showrooms are only half a kilometre apart, it becomes extremely convenient for customers to shop at both places.

Ornate Jewels and Azwa customers also get the benefit of specific incentives. When a customer buys jewellery from Ornate, they get a voucher worth 10 per cent of the total bill value. Instead of getting a direct discount at Ornate, the customer can redeem the voucher at Azwa.

The voucher system works in reverse as well, with 10 per cent of a customer’s bill at Azwa redeemable at Ornate. Isn’t that fun, timesaving, variety uncompromised and of course pocket-friendly?


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