Surpassing Legacy with Refinement!


What’s about jewellers and legacy? Is it easy to retain through the generations? If yes, how significant is it to you a consumer? Very, because you are investing in precious jewellery. Its shelf life, both in terms of designs and quality matters. And only a jeweller, who carries the imprint of its heritage can offer you real treasures for your trove.    

A name and a legacy coupled with the ability to progress
An opulent ambience, great staff and fair dealings are prerequisites to a big ‘name’. No doubting that here. Shri Sultan Singh Ji, s/o Shri Bansi Lal Ji, whose name brings in all the weight was amongst the few jewellers in that area who crafted jewellery using hands. It was a forte then. Dually they constantly believe in evolving, in terms of techniques, newer technologies, crafts and are updated on changing tastes of a discerning clientele.

A Manifesto Extended to the Décor
For generations, Neem Wale Jewellers was FCBL’s nomenclature. Thus, as a recurring motif, neem leaves and ‘nimbolis’ (fruits) are omnipresent; be it brass grills, spandrels and marble, etc. This flicker of their legacy reflects in the ambience inspired by the Victorian era with a drizzle of contemporary allure within the different floors for various kinds of jewellery. Hence, you get the best of old and new. And guess what, there’s also serene music and a welcoming fragrance to enrich your visit.

Standing out in Ambala and Beyond
Ambala aka ‘Whalesale Market’. Numerous out stationed clients, from Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh flock to the store. Furthermore, due to the Cantonment in the vicinity, the floating army population also abounds. It’s the wide range of gold, diamond and silver jewellery that’s always the ‘newest’ and beckons. For instance, ‘The Magic of Jadau’ masterpieces, ‘Kohlapuri’ that’s boasts a Maharashtrian flavour (yeah, in Punjab) and ‘Floret’, a series of delicate diamond jewellery. Thus heading there is worth it.

Quality-Check, yourself!
There’re extensive quality check procedures. In 2006, they installed a Karatmeter. You can demand it can get any ornament checked yourself. They have also been testing for CVD diamonds since the last couple of years to ensure that only natural diamonds reach your chests. Super assuring, isn’t it?

Paybacks Galore
Anything desired in the sphere of gold, diamond or silver jewellery and specialised gifting is immaculately delivered within all price ranges. Lower making charges is something you can expect there with absolutely transparent dealings. With every changing season and upcoming festivals, FCBL Jewellers prompts percentage discounts on making charges, complimentary vouchers, cross promotions, free mehendi application on special occasions to list a few. And the big one; a free, lifetime service of polishing, finishing, repair as well as exchange. Sounds like a deal and steal in one go!


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