Sohna exemplifies GOLD CLASS experience for GOLD LOVERS


There’s some delightful news for those who adore gold jewellery sans the trimmings and trappings of gemstones or other technique-based modifications. Kolkata’s Sawansukha Jewellers, admired for their diamond-jadau jewellery decided to pay an ode to such connoisseurs, by launching their ‘only gold’ sub-brand Sohna-by Sawansukha.

Sohna by Sawansukha

So what’s this all gold thing about? It is that one thing that distinctly divides Kolkata from various parts of India in its taste for jewellery. While most of India lusts after precious gemstones (also equated to one’s pocket), jewellery wearers in Kolkata prefer their gold without any ‘extras’. In fact, this puts more pressure on jewellers to depict their create edge.

Coming to Sawansukha Jewellers; they moved to Little Russel Street in the year 1999. From being masters of wholesale diamonds at Lal Kuthi, Burrabazar, Sawansukha in no time became a trusted name for diamond jewellery.

Its recent step of venturing into an only gold format is a ‘golden’ feather in their cap quite literally. This step exhibits the management’s ability to track sustainable trends and prudently turn it around to capture the market.

The Retail Experience

Picture a space measuring 6000sq ft. cut our from the existing 45000 sq ft show room and redesigned exclusively for Sohna by Sawansukha.

Retail Showroom- Sohna by Sawansukha

The entire look and feel of this area resonates the essence of the name that signifies the metal gold. Glittering hues of molten gold engulf the entire ambience. The store design reinvents the adage, ‘the devil in the details’. Be it the logo, the wall décor, minimal chandeliers, design elements, to the broad golden doors-everything vouches for meticulous planning that took almost 8 months to transform into a visual reality.

The Jeweller Diaries gives 5 reasons why it should be your first choice for gold jewellery:

  1. Fair and Fixed Pricing: Jewellery buying is conventionally known to be an expensive affair and one is never confident of the best price that he or she can bargain. However, at Sohna-by Sawansukha, such worries have been thoroughly considered.In addition to offering good quality jewellery, and praiseworthy and variegated variety to choose from, pricing has been given special attention before being printed on the tags. A certain amount of confidence in the brand comes with a fixed price policy that puts ambiguity and post-purchase stress to rest. One look at the figures also makes one realise that the price points are competitive. There is an unsaid assurance, ‘no doubting the money spent with us’.
  2. Personalised from the start: For all those who may have even once visited the store, the brand meticulously documents your preferences. Regardless of whether you bought or not, you will never again feel like a first-timer at this plush store.
    There is technology at play which notifies them if one is an old customer. It also pings your favourite staff that last interacted with you, only to make sure you find him or her at beck and call. The staff too is informed about one’s buying or browsing history and knows exactly what one’s preferences are; beat this, even if you did not make a purchase last time. The idea is to offer a seamless interaction experience with the staff with whom you last dealt with. Besides saving time, it builds continuity in your dialogue with the brand. In an overly connected digital world, be ready to be enthralled by this uniquely seamless experience at a physical store.
  3. Nothing but Gold: Why this is important, if you are a serious buyer. No pesky staff is going to inundate you with choices you certainly don’t want to make. Not just because he or she has been trained to do so, but also because you are in an out-n-out gold shop. No waste of time and focussed buying is what you can expect at Sohna-by Sawansukha. What more, since it is an exclusive gold jewellery store, the variety pertaining to what you want is obviously going to be huge with designs ranging from 5000 upwards
  4. Creating lasting value: The ‘S’ of Sohna has been created with 4 gold bars that bring the letter ’S’ to form. A careful look at the edge of the logo also reveals 12 female heads strategically placed like the hour marks on a clock.
    The 12 heads also signify the 12 avatars of Kolkata’s revered deity, Ma Durga. Not stopping at that, the brand will engrave its logo on each and every piece of jewellery it manufactures. Hassles of handling gold jewellery like keeping invoices or bills safely, can take a backseat, as the brand takes onus of every piece that it sells. This makes it convenient for any future dealing for return or exchange, or any other transaction. This is a commitment for a lifetime of association with the customer.
  5. Signature styles that tell a story
    Though a home-grown brand, it is well aware of world class trends in not just styles but also of buying habits. The brand is ready to make a mark in true international style by owning a design aesthetic in their soon to be launched signature collection. The style will epitomise the brand’s design and innovation prowess. While drawing attention to itself and the wearer these pieces promise to make an individualistic style statement.


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