Raniwala 1881 : An atelier for affordable urban polki jewellery


Raniwala 1881 showcases one-of-a-kind creations at their experience centre situated in the cultural scape of Jaipur. The expansive flagship acts as a one-stop solution for every kind of high jewellery priorities the new-age buyer can have; you will find a set-up featuring time-tested traditional polki jewellery, mainly aimed at bridal jewellery shoppers, or those who are looking to get an idea of what bridal jewellery shopping entails.  Then there are newer, artisanal, design-rich pieces straight from their in-house atelier, meant to serve as cocktail wear or for urban festivities.

The jewellery atelier has been bridging roots of Rajasthani handicraft with urban design language, and the curation of its flagship should give you a better idea about Raniwala’s Instagrammable facelift. Here’s a sneak peak at what the label offers to its clientele.

Retail Experience – A thoroughly regal affair

For decades now Raniwala 1881 has been showcasing the cultural design scape of Jaipur with its stunning, homegrown aesthetic and timeless karigari especially in Polki jewellery. The jewellery house has managed to fuse alchemy of design, moody colours, elegant motifs and exquisite onyx weaves, found in its Rajasthan flagship store which is curated with a vintage backdrop making it the perfect heritage experience for the adventurous bridal jewellery shoppers.

There is something undeniably novel about double heighted ceiling and an entresol that is dedicated completely to bridal jewellery, while the other areas are meant to serve as a front for a different format of modern and heritage jadau Polki jewellery, for a whole new range of shoppers, from international buyers to the Gen-Z influencers.

The same care is extended to clients with the personal attention and time provided for them, as Raniwala realizes the need for a more diversified brand profile and the need for a more tailored shopping experience, especially for bridal jewellery shoppers.

The Purveyor of Regal Jewellery

Raniwala 1881 emerged into the modern fashion milieu as the purveyors of handcrafted Flat-Cut diamond Polki Jewellery. In fact, their Polki jewellery pieces have largely defined the Indian royal narrative, with patterns, motifs and curations inspired by the desi erstwhile regality.

Naturally, the brand’s expertise with this defined niche in Polki jewellery propelled it as a leading name in heritage jewellery; their exclusive Mughal minakari work especially has earned global renown.

The Polki jewellery from the brand echoes the imperial history in a very contemporary way by extracting the motifs and inspirations from the legacy.  Although the concept is old the techniques and settings used in Raniwala’s Polki jewellery rely on a more updated method fuelled by the latest trends in a colour palette, navratnas, jadau etc.



The bridal edge

The brand understands the varied needs of the millennial bride across regional, cultural barriers, which in turn have inspired them to create bespoke collections in bridal jewellery catering to every community across India.

Considering the boom in heritage jewellery, especially in the bridal milieu, Raniwala pays special attention to bona fide karigari which has originated from the erstwhile workshops of the 17th century Rajasthani royalty to offer distinct designs to bridal jewellery shoppers.

The new bridal jewellery collection from Raniwala 1881 is the Princess Collection, is set in intricate jadau and open setting technique. The polki jewellery collection is quite simply extravagant and unabashed – we found some neck-enveloping, multi-layered droopy jadau necklaces, in breezy gemstones, ideal for summer weddings. Then there are gorgeous haathphools, cocktail chandeliers and luxe polki chokers which exude contemporary luxury combined with the centuries-old grandeur of Rajasthani tradition.

The brand has also collaborated with Manish Malhotra and has launched a bridal jewellery collection that includes contemporary and minimal polki jewellery. This polki jewellery collection is just right for the bride who loves to follow the trend and keep her look fresh and contemporary for her wedding.

For the effortless casual bling

Since youngsters are so keen on retro styling and heritage jadau, Raniwala echoes the nuances of imperial designs by paving the way for a more affordable and wearable jewellery styling in polki jewellery , which is in sync with Gen-Z’s fashion aesthetic.

You may have spotted Raniwala’s polki jewellery pieces on Jahnvi Kapoor to the iconic supermodel Winnie Harlow – it’s because the label has succeeded in capturing the design aesthetic Gen-Z is looking for in high jewellery.

Raniwala’s Ready-To-Wear polki jewellery line is a beautiful reinvention of the royal art of traditional craftsmanship. Inspired by Art Deco, resulting in true selection of Ethno Contemporary Style. Polki jewellery has long been associated with festive wear, but its acceptance into the modern daily and post-work sartorial spectrum has changed the game completely for fashionistas.

It’s amazing how urban a simple polki choker can look with a modern pantsuit. Along these lines, the brand has paved the way for a polki jewellery line- up which features many dressy, celebratory elements but can be effortlessly brought into the daily wear memo.

This polki jewellery line-up has been created by blending the traditional motifs from the design language of the brand and the need of millennial client so as to not dilute the true essence of traditional craft. The price range of the collection varies somewhere between 25k to 2 lakhs. You’ll see spring-summer inspired silhouettes and detailing with translucent pastel gemstones, embellished tourmaline jhumkas, layered kundan chokers, cheerful minakari numbers for urban soirees.

Customer first attitude

Reflecting in the environment, it’s not lost on anyone who walks through Raniwala’s beautiful golden doors and into the rich interiors that lives in the essence of the `brand. Marking an appointment with the brand is a great way to not only know the brand but to let the brand get a one on one with you, to understand your choices and to provide you with the best of the best.

Through each cut of a jewel you can tell that the brand literally leaves no ‘stone’ unturned in giving you an unforgettable experience. It’s the kind of thoughtfulness that is rare today. The inherent warmth that is so unique to the home of the brand comes to life as you see the warmth and focus Raniwala 1881 puts into finding you the right jewels. The right jewels, in the right home.



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