Ramesh Chandra Parekh’s new store in Kolkata exudes Perfection!


The world of jewellery is an infinite platform of creativity, and jewellery house owners and designers leave no stone unturned to display their power of innovation. Besides, it’s not just the jewellery that is concentrated on; this significance given to creativeness and perfection extends to the showrooms as well. It’s a 360 degree effort that is put into making the whole jewellery buying experience pleasurable for consumers. One such name that exemplifies this strategy is the newly opened Ramesh Chandra Parekh (Jewellers) in Kolkata.

Gracefully spread out over 3983 sq.ft of area, the store exudes a classic and timeless appeal. This store is an extension of the heritage that the flagbearers of the brand have been carrying forward since 1956. We bring you five points that make the brand stand out.

Understated elegance:
The new flagship store is rendered a transitional style that represents an intermingling of conventional and urban aesthetics. The colour palette is neutral with refined gold undertones. The atmosphere is warm.

You are led to the store through a small foyer and can notice design accessories like the mother-of-pearl gate, a crystal chandelier and a large white ornamental clock in an expanse that’s visually divided into gold and diamond sections. Furthermore, chairs crafted from German Silver with plush fabrics kept on beige flooring give the showroom an attractive guise.

Best of two:
From classic styles to bespoke pieces, a fine craftsmanship is highlighted in each precious piece of jewellery. Those at the helm of affairs are akin to the fact that consumer tastes have developed and that more and more buyers seek an interweaved look embracing traditional and modern designs. Thus the designers work round the clock to deliver the same with finesse and to get happy customers.

Purity is a necessity:
Their making processes may seem rudimentary in comparison to those who use more progressive and quick  ways to create jewellery. But Ramesh Chandra Parekh believes that perfection comes from intricate handiwork and artistry that takes time and effort. Their motto is to offer beautiful jewellery with no compromise or impurities within the materials that they use. Regular checks for diamonds and gold are carried out in order to identify damages.

Urban brides rejoice:
The upcoming ‘Collection de Diamantaire‘ is a splendid collection that ranges from everyday dainty danglers and pendants, to fuller and heavier bridal jewellery.

These lines pay an ode to the modern bride of today who is perhaps an independent identity, is very assertive of her looks and desires jewellery that is extension of her personality. So that’s available at Ramesh Chandra Parekh and that too that is crafted using only the finest quality and cut in diamonds.

Raising the bar of satisfaction:

While the usual collections at RCP cater to urban styles, yet they understand traditional jewellery’s demand. This certainly broadens their consumer pool.

They fulfill each customer’s need individually and on request, design customised traditional jewellery for brides-to-be.


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