R Narayan Jewellers: Of Heritage, Heirlooms & High-Fashion

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R Narayan Jewellers has been evolving as a brand yet staying true to their craft that has made them soar higher above the mundane ground. Click on to get a glimpse of a store that’s a nucleus of variety and creativity.

A Legacy & An Ideology

One might reason that these two do not directly matter to a buyer. However, a long-standing legacy and a consumer-centric philosophy must be considered pre-requisites while choosing a jewellery brand. After all, gold buying is an investment and credibility is significant. Remember the elderly, always insisting on a family jeweller? R Narayan Jewellers boast 75 years behind them, with customer satisfaction being sacrosanct to their philosophy. Thus, they never insist and only assist in buying.

A Delightful Design Diction

It is a 360-experience that counts. The ambience is not just aesthetically appealing but has functional attributes blended in. The underlying theme is Indian luxury, but the design exhibits global influences. You could get the feel of a Turkish bath, surrounded by home-like colour schemes, Moroccan arches, Rajasthani windows and Rajasthani windows. All these diverse inspirations have been juxtaposed so tastefully that nothing seems jarring. There’s a segregated bridal room with a seating capacity of 7-8 people. No sweat, even if you want to spend 6-7 hours, have lunch or dinner, try the jewellery with your outfits and no-one will hurry you up!

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R Narayan Jewellers Store-2

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Adornments for All

The bridal range is eclectic with structured jadau and diamond sets with impeccable fits. Do check out their de-constructible jewellery that you could wear post the weddings as well. The grooms are bestowed with cufflinks, brooches, necklaces and the works. Workwear and everyday jewels will make you go through a visual maze. Tourmalines, aquamarines, lapiz lazulis, topazes and amethysts etc, shower you with a pastel palette. Likewise, geometric shapes, colour enamelling, Gujarat-embroidery inspired motifs, tribal jewellery, light-weight jewellery and 18-K collections let you suit your style and pocket! If you get a bit confused, then use MirrAR to help you pick your prized possession.

gold enamelled earrings- R Narayan Jewellers

light weight jewellery-R Narayan Jewellers


earrings-R Narayan Jewellers


Got ‘Sentimental’ Jewellery?

Though heirloom jewels are considered fashionable yet some of them become unwearable due to their sizes, design or defects over time. While mostly go for a total-exchange, some have sentimental value attached to them. Though refurbishing old jewellery is a painstaking process yet R Narayan Jewellers offer restoration and refurbishing of old pieces making them stunning and wearable.

neckpieces and earrings-R Narayan Jewellers

Earrings-R Narayan Jewellers-2

An Epicentre of Creativity

There’s an exhibition centre for events ranging from art, culture and fashion. An exhibition cum sale of Jimmy Choo bags and shoes had buyers complete their fashion cravings. In the pipeline are art exhibits, book reading sessions and much more. Do we not love a bit more at every store?


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