Madhuban by Manubhai: Where Inimitable Wedding Jewellery Designs Meet An Auspicious Setting


Defined by an invite-only policy, Madhuban by Manubhai is a mythological-themed jewellery store where a visit is as much about savouring the store design and philosophy as much as it is about the jewellery. It is indeed an unparallel jewellery store for breath-taking wedding jewellery….

Mythology Presides Over

In an era of discerning clientele in the jewellery industry, a sumptuous décor, exceptional designs and highest quality standards are a prerequisite to any jewellery store these days. What customers are now seeking is a unique jewellery store experience. Thus, for a distinguished brand like Manubhai Jewellers, coming up with a mythological theme-based sub-store was definitely not a decision stemming out of a whim. The jewellery store, Madhuban by Manubhai was curated by blending retail with culture. This was to give a one-of-a-kind jewellery store experience and superlative jewellery designs to buyers with refined tastes. Madhuban by Manubhai was born out of a vision, where art, architecture, jewellery making and mythology was amalgamated to give the customer an elevated experience in the heart of a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai.ide a Mythical Garden

Entrance with pichwai
Entrance with pichwai
entrance foyer
entrance foyer

A rich wave of traditions, mythology and heritage flows through the store. The architectural team, Founder Pankaj Popat and Bhakti Bhojwani of Ornate projects painstakingly created a ‘Madhuban’ in Mumbai’s very own heartland. Right at the entrance, there is a specially commissioned Pichhwai painting depicting Shrinathji. Cow motifs dipped in gold leaves border the frame giving an auspicious start to your jewellery store journey ahead. A circular display enchants with its superb aesthetics. Large mirrors visually echo every nuance of the mythological haven flanked with signature Sabyasachi wallpaper. The boutique suite flooring is limited edition rose marble juxtaposed with crème coloured Italian marble. Flowers, handmade on-site, flow down the beams, ceremonial reds abound and splatters of gold further enrich the theme. The traditional swing, the chairs, the coffee table are evocative of a bygone epoch. Figuratively, the idea was to create a space where the melodious tunes of Lord Krishna’s flute would fill up the atmosphere. A providential energy makes for the perfect prelude to your jewellery store experience and purchases ahead.

Entry to the store

Manubhai’s Influence is Apparent

Since Madhuban is a sub-brand of Manubhai Jewellers, the brand philosophies do intersect. You can be assured of the same level of quality, craftsmanship and the legacy that name warranties. The brand is clear, providing the best for both is a priority. However, Madhuban seems like Manubhai’s blue-eyed baby with every aspect being enhanced. A key distinguisher though are the designs and not the price point. Yet, don’t get mislead at Madhuban that your pockets might short. Designs at Madhuban cater to the mid-mass-market who aspire to own design-rich and inimitable pieces, be it heavy bridal jewellery as well as prêt line. For Madhuban, a special design team works scrupulously on fancy and signature jewellery styles. The thrust is also to launch new collections periodically to keep the novelty factor alive. Only the choicest precious and semi-precious gemstones make the cut, as do verified diamonds. All of the jewel-pieces undergo a microscopic verification, quality check and testing before being presented to the buyers.

Dressing area
New arrival table tops
customized chandelier for the boutique

A Bridal Paradise

In a land where mythology and traditions still override wedding jewellery buying, Madhuban is rightfully being positioned as a bridal boutique. Thus, every small and big attention to detail is fixed to make the wedding jewellery shopping a chore filled with positivity and perfection. Browsing is a sight to behold. Want privacy for purchases? There are deluxe boutique suites and a changing room for guests to try on. Knowledgeable and courteous boutique consultants from the luxury hospitality industry assist one’s purchases. A virtual jewellery booth too exists to check how a design looks and even take pictures. In an era of selfies, there is a luring Insta-frame, the modern version of jharokas like that of royal kings and queens. The one here allows you to click and upload pictures if you want. They are aware that wedding jewellery also demands top-of-the-line pre as well as post-purchase services, and they provide it without a glitch.

Padmini and Pusti

A Treasure Trove Of Hand-Crafted Jewellery

Every ornament offered at Madhuban is handcrafted by expert artisans who have honed their skills over years under Manubhai’s umbrella. The grandeur of a bygone royalty and mythological splendour is manifested in each masterpiece. Many of these at the jewellery store come encrusted with hand-cut emeralds, rubies and white sapphires of the finest quality. All in all, style, skill and substance come together, birthing the most breath-taking baubles. Dviti brings alive the traditional Rajputana jadau wedding jewellery with a contemporary twist. A rarity, Darya Noor’ entices with pearls and hand-cut white sapphires. Neel Bagh and Mughal Garden present royal wedding jewellery collections in meenakari. Similarly, Madhurai reinforces the store’s mythical vibe with alluring temple style for wedding jewellery. The variety is further augmented with Taral, golden meshwork and latticework carved on gold masterpieces. Last but not the least, find a marriage of art and heritage in ‘Gulab Mahal’, that takes its inspiration from the legendary Lal Mahal.




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