JD Solitaires newly renovated store is a visual rhapsody


So when we went scouting for new stores this time, we stumbled upon JD Solitaire. Helmed by a dynamic entrepreneur, Sanjay Kalsi, this brand in a way alters the basic premise of a business enterprise, by omitting the ‘selling’ bit and focuses on the U and the Ps of a brand’s USPs. Rest obviously follows. Gimmicky we thought, but on further scrutinising of the store and its DNA, we realised that indeed everything developed was actually ‘U’ (customer in this case) centric there.

Good energy? Yes!   

Coming to the Ps of USPs, first was ‘prayer’: they begin every day with a working prayer. Not consequential? Actually, to many in today’s time, a space that emits a good vibe is a big draw. After all, the stuff you are buying is going to be close not just to your heart and but also to your body. Another P symbolised ‘purity of thought’, ‘word’ and ‘expression’, as they treat customers as the next God. Hence it’s not only gold, diamonds and gemstones that you take back with you; it’s purity of their existence. Then there’s ‘purpose’ that transcends across every function of their operations and of course passion. Kalsi is a first generation jeweller who holds a passion for modern-day jewellery retailing.

A philosophy that even resonates through the décor …

So there’s more than a sacrosanct energy beyond the four storeys; the store also resounds the founder’s inner story that architect Rahul Bansal narrates through its exquisite design semblance there. Regular materials—wood, metals, leather, glass, cloth and stones are integrated with a sense of warmth. One is ushered in through a garden setting and greeted by a wall full of fun quotes. In fact, the whole place is a see-all visual rhapsody, right from the façade to the entrance, to the elevator and the walls and floors. The transparency of the spaces manifests into their dealing and also keeps the staff under check in a way. Along with other interesting sections, the far end also houses a lounge to mull over the jewellery and decide.

Are you a fitting JD clientele?

Apart from the rich and famous only, an ideal one is an educated well-travelled middle class consumer who yearns for a buying experience at par with the west or any refined designer boutique here. She is comfortable making conversation with the person across the counter, aware of the prices and is ready to pay a small premium for a design that she likes. Sounds like you?

What to look for really?

In 15 years of business, they have realised that customers do bargain, but to get them to that stage it’s the design that takes them there. The collections are for you to see and chances of being disappointed are rare. Don’t miss the tiny glass galleries of wearable jadau kundan art that waits to adorn you. A special promotional offer on aging inventory is in the offing in September before the new range in store by October…


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