Irasva: Swanky, Swish & Swooning With Self-Assuring Diamond Jewellery Designs


Irasva brings to you a sartorial diamond jewellery experience to indulge the self. With an inviting, design-led and empowering atmosphere, this is the place to laud your own self with irresistible diamond jewellery pieces, be it from the pretor couture lines.

A Journey Of Self-Love With Diamond Jewellery

There is something palpably upbeat of about the brand, Irasva, starting from the very name. A union of two beautiful words ‘ira’ meaning love and ‘sva’ or the essence of self, the very name evokes a plethora of emotions. Irasva became a talking point, when it launched its first store in the heart of Mumbai on Hughes Road. Irasva is a brainchild of Leshna Shah, who is also the founder and creative head of Irasva. The brand adulates women. The philosophy is to encourage women to indulge in self-love that is often heightened with diamonds. Accordingly, the genesis of the store lies in enhancing the buying experience of jewellery even in the everyday wear diamond jewellery segment.

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A Well-Defined Décor

This upmarket outlet pretty much defies the conventional ideas of a jewellery store. From the overall décor, to installations, to lightings and to the display counters, a new-age vibe manifests in every nook and corner of the store. This is the place to forget the mundane store experiences of the past and settle at a comfortable corner of this sprawling 3000 sq. ft store to find your perfect diamond jewellery partner. This two-storeyed structure features bespoke furnishings and accents of fluidity owing to the brand’s logo, ‘S-infinity’. It extends as a filigree motif on the dividing panels and as well as the front foyer. A large chandelier attracts. With elegant detailing, high ceilings, glass windows, reflecting mirrors and high-back chairs, the store exudes a sense of space and swankiness.

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Diamond Jewellery To Devour

Irasva presents an eclectic mix of contemporary diamond jewellery to suit varied sensibilities. The collections of diamond jewellery and fine diamond jewellery are essentially divided into two primary categories. The pret is dominantly an everyday line of diamond jewellery pieces and is apt for today’s women on-the-go. On the other hand, the couture section that echoes fine diamond jewellery pieces is all about self-indulgence and has the high-ticket line at the store. Their collections follow a very flexible price curve of Rs.5,000 upwards and can go up to Rs.3 lakh or more depending on the setting or styling of the masterpiece in question.

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diamond jewellery by Irasva

diamond jewellery by Irasva

Standards That Stand Tall

Sometimes fancy designs lack credibility. But not here. Every jewellery piece, whether it is a humble diamond jewellery design or a fine diamond jewellery eye-catcher, follows strict quality parameters. Each piece is meticulously crafted using international standards of jewellery making, bestowing itself a high design value. And this feat is a consequence of their strong manufacturing strength built over the last two decades. The parent company, XX has been crafting classy jewellery for A-list jewellery brands across the USA and Europe. This gave them the forte of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility complete with seasoned machinery, that is used to craft every stylish piece at Irasva. International finish and design sensibilities embedded with Indian trends led the brand to develop a range which was hitherto unseen in the markets until now.



Starring You Crown PendantIdentified & Imprinted!

Each piece in the store speaks of a story. They are laid out all across the store in clusters along with their tales of inspiration. You can browse through them; identify yourself with the detailing and stimulus to discover a mirror image of your state of mind and style. At any given point in time, there are at least 15 new collections awaiting to be explored. Apart from the premium sensorial experience that enthuses you to browse, explore, and engage with everyday fine jewellery, you can also mark your pieces. There is a personalisation corner, where engravings and names as per your choice are carried out. Voila, you get to don a total imprint of you!

Starring You Vista Pendant



starring you daydream pendant




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