‘Chosen by Tejpal Ranka’ : Luxe jewels have a new address in Pune


An offspring of the Ranka Legacy

A new name might make you feel dicey, but when you know there is a 148-year-old brand backing the backbone of et all, well, you can dive in a blindfold. Akin to Ranka Jewellers, tenets like trust, loyalty and transparency have been integrated in shaping up ‘Chosen by Tejpal Ranka’. It is these core values patched with a passion for creativity that has given the brand an incomparable superiority over its competitors. Consumers with an eye for creativity and exclusivity are the ones this brand seeks to tap and how. 

Chosen by Tejpal Ranka- Ranka Jewellers Store

Chosen by Tejpal Ranka- Ranka Jewellers Store-2

Lounge Around, Literally

Designed by an Italian architect, awaits a contemporary lounge encounter. The spacious lounge boasts spectacular Italian chandeliers, a touch of natural wood and gold, highlighted with wall-to-wall silk carpeting and automated glass shutters as display windows. Like the runaways of Milan, you get to see the diamonds glittering under a spectrum of rotating lights, as you park yourself on a luxury seating sourced from The Netherlands. The manifesto of experiential buying with styling services by ‘appointment only’ and a pantry with a private butler takes personalisation a notch higher. 

Chosen by Tejpal Ranka- Ranka Jewellers Store-3 Chosen by Tejpal Ranka- Ranka Jewellers Store-4

Chosen by Tejpal Ranka- Ranka Jewellers Store-5

Chosen by Tejpal Ranka- Ranka Jewellers Store-6

Engineered for Perfection 

Every product is engineered with undiluted attention to detail and goes via several rounds of research and development. They follow a design language—’ethno-chic’ symbolising an amalgamation of ethnic and modern designs. The ‘fit’ of the piece is a crucial part of the design. So, no feeling of being choked or cutting of ears. They ensure stringent quality parameters with every piece being certified. There are special checks for lab-grown diamonds as well to make your bet the best. 3D printing technology is their forte and specific engineering is applied to construct exceptionally lightweight jewellery. 

floral motifs- Chosen By Tejpal Ranka

bracelet- Chosen By Tejpal Ranka

Get What You Want 

Expect the entire jewellery ‘jing-bang’ and some hot-sellers too. Like there’s a line of cascading chandeliers and timeless tassels to grab your attention alongside a collection of earrings with a range of sizes-for daily wear, to cocktail and bridal to select from. The modern uncuts and polkis are praiseworthy too. You are bound to say ‘wow’ when you try their contemporary jadau jewellery in rose gold tints.  

earrings-Chosen by Tejpal Ranka-2

earrings-Ranka Jewellers

Bangles-Ranka Jewellers

Neckpiece-Ranka Jewellers

Online & Onwards 

You can book an online appointment and get a sneak peak of their jewellery. Be sure to be connected on their Instagram and Facebook handles as their primary online platforms. The brand values the emotions attached to jewellery buying and hence also curate personalized events. Occasionally, you can also look forward to group activities with educational takeaways. Do wait for Diwali offers for some striking deals! 


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