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Many cringe at the very mention of buying antique jewellery, because the genuineness of such pieces is always a challenge. However, the market for antique jewellery that seems dead has in fact several collectors and connoisseurs who are simply looking for a stamp of authenticity. So, when we chanced upon a brand that vouched for the same (and not in hushed voices), we dug a bit further, to assess the validity alongside the other highlights of the store.

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Feel like Royalty

For any buyer, the design of the store matters. Thus, the décor scheme at Atul Jewellers that embodies the grandeur of Havelis of old Delhi plays the part. The theme is further augmented with authentic old-world furniture, marble fountains and sandstone pillars that recreate the ambience of a Mughal courtyard. The royal mood continues. It’s not a run-of-the mill store, where the sales staff insist on guiding your purchases. At Atul Jewellers, you feel like a king and can slowly absorb the offerings with several show windows, displaying jewellery and no sales counters. Only when you are ready to be addressed, you are ushered into a secluded dealing room for a one-on-one interaction. This is conducted in a private manner, away from the prying eyes of other consumers or unwanted sales staff.

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neckpiece-Atul Jewellers

neckpiece- Atul Jewellers

More Than Royalty

A royal characteristic isn’t a limitation here. There’s something for every Gen X or any other middle-aged women with a thirst for fancy designs, fine craftsmanship and precious gemstones; NRIs and foreigners included. They have a venerable history of being trusted suppliers to retailers and even competitors. Plus, ‘value for money’ is also their claim to popularity in entire Delhi and NCR.


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Technologically Sound

Imperative in today’s time. With the iPad ‘Mirrar’, you can swap the jewellery worn on your neck and ears with few screen touches. There is an impressive assortment of jewellery available in virtual reality. And while choosing in real, a remote-controlled lighting makes the ‘picture’ clearer. Bright white lights for diamonds and warm daylight for rubies, emeralds and yellow hues. Energy saving happens along, if that delights you as well. They are always eager to introduce the latest in design and employ the best available technology in producing our jewellery.

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In Sync With Current Demands

The ‘Present’ collection comprises polki, jadau, classic diamond and gemstone studded jewellery including contemporary pieces! The ‘Future’ collection is the handiwork of numerous award-winning designers whom they collaborate with for futuristic styles. As for the materials used, only precious, genuine and untreated gemstones take centre-stage. The metals are of highest quality and purity and conform to international hallmarking standards with multiple quality checks. Reliable sourcing of raw materials is non-negotiable to them.

The Search for Authentic Antique Jewellery Ends Here…

They have a legacy of three generations who had access to celebrated and royal families, and gradually sourced from various estates. The ‘Past’, ‘Heritage’ and ‘Estate’ collections boast artistic and non-replicable antique jewellery pieces. They have a number of GIA trained gemmologists on board who check and authenticate each and every piece. In fact, many antique dealers approach them to buy, sell and evaluate their prized possessions. Their enamelled, gem-set and engraved pieces are absolutely worthy of being added to one’s collectibles.

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