A Boutique Like No Other


The new Ganjam temple-inspired showroom in Bengaluru is the penultimate retail experience on the high-street. We’ve got you the details. 

If you’re passionate about exquisite Indian jewellery designs, but want to own a first-hand piece and not an antique, Ganjam is the brand you’re looking for. This label brings together the best in craftsmanship, quality and aesthetics to create real master-pieces, second only to something your imagination can conjure up. Luscious cabochons, F-coloured diamonds, lustrous faceted jewels, and high-quality precious metals come together in pieces that simply take your breath away.

Ganjam’s sprawling flagship showroom in Bengaluru on the Vittal Mallaya road, a locality reputed for its astronomical real estate rates and a luxury mall, is a retail destination second, and an architectural marvel above and beyond anything else. “We have completed 125 years of our journey and have endeavoured to stay true to our essence to create jewellery with soul. Creating jewellery is a craft, which requires deep involvement from the craftsperson and is no less than an art. Our creations are a celebration of the years of bonding that we have enjoyed with several craftspeople whose unmatched skills and designs have put Ganjam on the map. We have attempted to carry this philosophy forward with this store,” said Umesh Ganjam, Joint Managing Director, Ganjam.

The brand has been in business for over 125 years now and the showroom is a reflection of this heritage. Some reasons you’d want to schedule a visit.

A Wow Experience 

High street shopping has evolved to a point where buying isn’t just a transaction but an experience unto itself. In this regard Ganjam has outdone itself, and the competition. From the moment you walk in, every aspect like the architecture, the service, the unique retail format and finer aesthetic and functional elements weave together to make your jewellery buying experience as precious as what you’ll be taking home.


Revivalist Architecture

Ever wondered if today’s artisans are capable of excellence of the past? The temple style architecture of this boutique answers this question in the affirmative. Limestone – from Portugal – is the predominant material that is used in the structure, and the idea was to give the impression of a monolithic structure with no difference in the material used in the facade and interiors, in order to maintain the solidarity with temple design. The doorway is flanked by the ‘Stepped Well’ design, typical of the temples of Hampi.

Energising Environs

Do you believe in the Indian science of spaces – Vaastu Shastra? Whether or not you swear by it, you’ll enjoy witnessing how the boutique fits so perfectly into the Vaastu Purusha Mandala. Its philosophy combines elements of the Panchamahabhootha, or the five elements of Space, Earth, Water, Ether and Fire. A final area, within the retail space is a void, in the centre, reminiscent of the mandala design. A space of nothingness, a space of serenity and harmony, a feeling that pervades through the entire store.

A Museum for Jewellery 

As soon as the customers enter the store, they are greeted by a Brand Host. Your host takes you on a walk through the boutique to sample the best in Indian jewellery design displayed in the retail as well as gallery sections. Made largely of glass with minimal use of metal, the design and lighting ensure the piece of jewellery is the sole centre of focus. It is almost akin to walking around in a museum and seeing relics of the past tastefully curated.

First of its Kind Retail Format 

This store conveys the roots of the brand most effectively while also ensuring customers enjoy an individualised retail experience with attention to detail. After the gallery comes the retail space, Within the retail space there are four seating areas, where staff bring out designs to suit customer’s preferences as observed in the gallery. For reasons of privacy billing is done in this zone to ensure purchases are carried out under utmost discretion.

Ganjam takes great pride in its heritage, design expertise and experience in creating happy customers. Their service has to be experienced to be believed.


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