Walk the Aisle In Bollywood Style With Iconic Bridal Jewellery From Ra Abta by Rahul…


No qualms in accepting that every bride wants to create a frame-worthy look for her big day, and often takes cue from reel brides.Capturing this trend, is the ‘Reel to Real’ campaign that takes us through jewellery time travelto relive jewellery statements that seem so glorious even today.

Here’s How To Be A Bollywood-Fashioned Ra Abta Bride!

So how do you translate four legendary reel looks into real?This ‘Reel to Real’ campaign from Ra Abta by Rahulhas your back. Chanu Vyas as Rekha of UmraoJaan, Kritika Sobti as Madhubalaof Mughal-e-Azam, Gargi Narula as Madhuri Dixit of Devdas and Ayushi Bedi as Aishwarya Rai of JodhaAkhbarexhibit how to get all styled in diamonds and precious gems just like screen icons.

Sounds too OTT? Well, while they are out and out screen avatars, real-lifebrideswearingthem with aplomb just makes it so inspiring and attainable. Moreover, millennial brides like an extra-edge.Thus, the overall jewellery statement is laden with accessories such as haathphools,kamarbandhs, passas,maangteekas, naaths and the works. Therefore, while your paanchladahaaror chunky choker necklace is the spotlight-grabber, these exquisite pieces would make you a star. So, go on and splurge like there is no tomorrow.

The ‘Reel to Real’ Edition is displayed at Ra-Abta by Rahul’s flagship store in Delhi along with luxury boutiques across the world along with select online stores including www.raabtabyrahul.com



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