The Perfect Jewelled Gift For The Perfect Man


A man deals with no different rules when it comes to styling and accessorising. Perhaps, a man’s designer shirt may still go unnoticed, but all eyes would definitely spot the suave looking gold chain, tucked behind that fancy collar. Since time memorial, jewellery has been a part of a man’s dressing up. And over the years, men’s jewellery has only evolved for better. While there are many who specialise in men’s jewellery, there are few who have taken this craft a notch higher. Meet Bhagat Jewellers – Meerut, who recently recently launched an exclusive men’s jewellery collection, aptly titled ‘Shreeman’.

People usually relate men’s jewellery to rings, bracelets and chains. We often get stuck when it comes to gifting jewellery to men. As a wife for her husband, a daughter for father, parents wishing luck to their son, grandchildren wanting to the celebrate a retirement day, there are so many occasions, where one seeks precious and innovative stuff. And Bhagat Jewellers – Meerut broke this monotony with their collections conceived and executed with flair.

As consumers veer towards light weight designs which are pocket friendly yet offer high design value, Shreeman offers an unthinkably wide range of men’s jewellery.

From gold and diamond studded tiepins, to brooches, to coat pins and what not.We were particularly awed by gold buckles for belts. Apart from the usual ones, there are gold cufflinks and buttons that represent style and innovation with multipurpose buttons that can be worn as cufflinks as well. For the spiritual creed, there are some splendid gold chains with original Rudraksh along with Tulsi Malas. Accessories also included diamond studded branded watches and pens, clearly indicating a man’s inherent love for jewels.

No wonder with this brand, men can have a jewelled feast across all occasions (including weddings) and price points.




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