Reinforcing the Better Half Within!


If you are one of those self-determined, self –driven and empowered women, reflect it with no less than a half-carat diamond from Forevermark!

Diamonds no longer epitomise only romantic love. Today, the stone stands out as a symbol of self-reliance as more and more Indian women don’t wait for a Prince Charming to step forward with a diamond ring. These chic and confident women who convey an internal resilience, like to spend their own money on diamond jewellery.

Forevermark, the diamond-brand from the South African DeBeers Group, best remembered for their iconic diamond wedding bands, is now celebrating the half-carat diamond with the ‘Better Half Within’ campaign. The commercials pay homage to independent young Indian women. The campaign has been conceptualised to define this emotional connect between a woman, and a half carat diamond, as the perfect expression of her focus on personal achievements. The J Walter Thompson’s campaign for Half Carat Diamonds from Forevermark is based on a simple insight – whenever a woman is about to give up on her dreams, something deep within her urges her to go on. This is her better half. Half carat diamonds from Forevermark are a tribute to this bold, bright and beautiful better half within every woman. Are you one like this? Then splurge on these and let them complete you.


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