Raj Mahtani Couture Is A Riveting Repertoire of Iconic Bridal Jewellery Styles Fit for Bejewelled Queens


Encounter a scintillating saga that traverses boundaries for iconic Bridal jewellery styles that would take you on a all-time jewellery high.

Big, Bold & Iconic Bridal Jewellery Styles That Should Be On Your Radar Now! 

What happens when a poet meets a jeweller? A new rendition of Raj Mahtani Couture Jewels is born. Here is a jewellery collection that dictates the future of bridal couture jewellery. Eras and places act as muses that get transmogrified into necklaces, rings, hair ornaments, bangles and finger rings. Find a high-calibre demonstration of both bright and muted colours, aspiring gem cuts and contemporary designing that subscribe to an iconic bridal jewellery styling.

What is jewellery without some inspiration and drama but with a universal appeal? The world of jewellery is a deep ocean of desire. Each bride wants to write her own glittering story of style and this collection of iconic bridal jewellery serves the purpose with bouquet of inimitable designs.

Let’s begin with some enigmatic emeralds. The Columbian green casts a spell with its electrifying hue and big stone sizes. Art Deco fashioned chokers and everlastingly long strands set the tone for maximalism. More brilliance is rendered with over-sized table-cut diamonds, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s incomparable style. This is for a new you.

The colour palette is an emancipation of contrasting gem combinations and avant-garde setting techniques. Hues of brown, aqua, gold and black rounded off with pigeon blood Burmese rubies synchronise to make a contemporary chic statement. Florentine aristocracy is sublimely recreated in fanciful table-cut diamonds and South Sea pearls to form an Elizabeth inspired gold-linked chain laced with irregular diamonds and baroque pearls.

If you want to go all luxe and modern, then let a ‘floater’ neckpiece with pendant like diamonds cascade the neck for unbeaten Parisian sophistication. How about Calcutta in Paris? A cross-cultural beauty unfolds itself with magnificent polki-flanked neck trails and solitaire studs. Highlights and accents are given form with whopping Columbian emerald rings and polki bracelets. If you are a contemporary bride, who wants to deck up to kill, here is your end point. Ornate, opulent and more importantly a new benchmark in iconic bridal jewellery is now made available via Raj Mahtani Couture Jewels.




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