Khurana Jewellery House’s Forevermark L’Amour Collection is Passion Etched in Jewels


Khurana Jewellery House’s Forevermark L’Amour Collection is a homage to self-love, self-worth and the strength of an urban woman. Read below to see, how astonishingly and attractively a soulful idea is recreated with even more gorgeous designs and Forevermark diamonds…

Talk about Amritsar, and that people have fine tastes and big pockets is no longer a revelation. However, of late, Amritsar has been buzzing as a fashion destination around that part of India. Keeping that fervour in mind, Khurana Jewellery House that has been synonymous with exclusive jewellery design over the years has launched a novel line of jewellery. Titled L’Amour, the collection is crafted with none other than Forevermark diamonds. And who did they have to launch the same? A jewellery buff and style icon herself, Karisma Kapoor, who unwrapped the gorgeous collection at their store in Amritsar.

The L’ Amour collection symbolises the philosophy, ‘love yourself’, and is thus enthused by the emotion of love, is an emblem of self-worth and an ode to the modern and empowered woman. We were pleasantly surprised to see the synergy between the thoughts and these designs. Set in gold and enriched with pink and white enamel, this incomparable assortment of jewels has been exclusively designed by Khurana Jewellery House. Furthermore, what enhanced the beauty, elegance and the quality of the jewellery, were the Forevermark diamonds. Each of the earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings, boasted these striking, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds. The designs are versatile, sophisticated and extremely wearable. And if your heart is already beating for them, well then, this exclusive collection of 15 stunning Forevermark pieces is available for sale at Khurana Jewellery House, Amritsar. Indulge like you never did before, because you are worth it…


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