IIJW 2017: The Razzle & Dazzle of Et All


No matter how much the cosmos above us blazes in front of in full splendour, a woman’s eye usually lights up, when she unclasps her jewellery chest to reveal a new jewel story each time. With so much happening in our social sphere, we are cajoled to keep updating our jewellery vaults from time to time.

So with the festival and wedding season knocking your doors, let’s take quick look at what all dominated the ramp at IIJW 2017, held at St Regis Mumbai, so that you know exactly what to set your hands on.  Just like pro!

Red Rhapsody

This fiery shade in its myriad avatars ruled the collections of several brands at the IIJW 2017.  From evergreen rubies, to precious and semi-precious beads, to bubbly baubles, to danglers, to asymmetrical or symmetrical rocks, red was the preferred hue.

Diamonds Again, but Australian Also!

No matter how clichéd the adages attached to diamonds have become, diamonds continue to mesmerise jewellery buffs like no other. At the IIJW this year, while most of the collections boasted of diamonds, the spotlight was also turned towards Australian diamonds that caught the fancy of several jewellery designers at the week. In big or small sizes and in an array of cuts, the Australian flavour was overriding as far as diamonds were concerned.

Bride and the Bling

Bridal jewellery this time saw an immaculate mix of contemporary and traditional designs with some collections exhibiting a balance of both. Another trend witnessed in the same category, was the pairing of just two stone colours instead of multiple colours especially with diamonds, setting the tone for an elegant appeal. Also what stole the show were the use of gold in contemporary motifs such as squares and symmetrical patterns that were executed in just yellow gold.

Big & Bold

Ingenuity made a splash, as big and chunky pieces rocked the ramp. However don’t mistake this fashion for use of chunky pieces in overall jewellery; in fact, these were the pieces that staged a detour from the usual trend of ‘less is more’ and aimed to stand out due to their size appeal.

Festive Fervour

No, no, no your old traditional design is not so welcome any more. The key word here is to be festive and not typically traditional. Fusing rock and chic, a new wave of unconventional designs and cuts were unleashed to complement traditional ensembles, fusion wear, Indo-western styles and even out and out cocktail chic.


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