Bejewelled Beauties Go Under the Hammer at!


With a whopping natural pearl and diamond necklace estimated at INR 90 lakhs – 1.2 crores, and others starting under just a lakh, this is every jewellery connoisseur’s chance to bag coveted fine jewels…Click on to see what’s super haute under the hammer…

It’s not every day when exquisite jewellery goes under the hammer. And thus, we at the have been keeping a hawk’s eye watch to update you on what is not to be missed. Be quick to log on to, as its annual online auction of ‘fine jewels’ is on until tomorrow. The catalogue boasts a curated assortment of different styles that blend in traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities. You can select fine gems and signed collectible pieces that are truly rare and unique. The collection includes 174 floral and celestial motifs that highlight jewellery design and techniques, as well as the natural processes that bring natural beauty to gems. We have handpicked a few items in the favourite categories of brooches, diamond earrings, emeralds and rubies.

Diamonds Are Forever

Dazzling Diamonds on auction at until tomorrow
Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds… only diamonds or speckled with a dash of emeralds or rubies, these fine jewels take diamond designing and craftsmanship to another level of brilliance. From scintillating chandeliers to lace-like structures, to paisley studs, to polkis and to celestial cuff styled sizes, the diamond assortments are super classy that
would make you go from morning to night and from heavy to light, whenever and wherever.

Be quick to log on to, as its annual online auction of & ‘fine jewels’ is on until tomorrow

Enchanting Emeralds

Enchanting emeralds on auction at until tomorrow
Who did ever say no to these? And the ones we sorted definitely get a double nod for being so gorgeously subtle yet alluringly attractive. Each of the selection below is different from the other, be a plain bow styled emerald drop pair, an everyday diamond encircled single stone setting, or the ever-popular floral emerald and diamond-encrusted big studs, or the new styled white and yellow-hued flower design, these emeralds would last you a lifetime of bejewelled style.
Be quick to log on to, as it’s annual online auction of ‘fine jewels’ is on until tomorrow

‘Brooch’ the Temptation

Brooches go under the hammer on until tomorrow
We definitely thought these brooches were worth the buy for being so mesmerizingly eye-catching. From the humble butterfly, to a dainty stork, to a pearl topped leave motif, to a delicate two-shaded dragonfly, to a golden crustacean and to a simple diamond dazzler, each one speaks of a distinguished design language that will give any outfit a stand-out power!
Be quick to log on to, as its annual online auction of ‘fine jewels’; is on until tomorrow

Ravishing Rubies

Ravishing rubies on auction at until tomorrow
Now we love some of these for being so tremendously vintage. They take us back in time, where royalty ruled the design semblance. And how fashionable they are now is another story that you perhaps already know. Be it the drop danglers, or the slim and mid-sized lengths or the unique big and small diamond teamed studs or the ones paired with emeralds, these ruby earrings add versatility to your jewellery wardrobe while also bringing colour and panache back to style statement. Do check out the emerald and ruby pendant that is regally classic.

Be quick to log on to, as it’s an annual online auction of ‘fine jewels’ is on until tomorrow



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