Rubies go big and single


Rubies continue to woo jewellery junkies in their new single-stone renditions. We bring you some red haute selections to choose from…

We agree you can never ‘unfriend’ rubies from your jewellery list. They are gorgeous, versatile, evergreen and of course precious. But then you do get bored of the types; same old clusters or paired with other gemstones in different sizes and patterns. Totally plausible but yet that’s one colour in gemstones that you can’t afford to do without. For ages, rubies have been teamed with anything and everything. Whether you want to give a drab outfit a pop of colour, or want to wear something with your LBD or cocktail gown, or you just want to add more glitz to your festive outfit, rubies are always your go-to stones. Kudos to all the jewellery mines around the world that dig out these beauties for us.

So what’s the safest ruby buy then? Going by the fashion guides, the style of ruby earrings that are being lauded these days are the ones with big and single-stones. Yes, just like the emerald trend few years before, ruby earrings are now finding their place at jewellery counters in this revered avatar. No fussy mishmashes, no eyebrow frowning designs, just as simple and as bold they can be. So if you haven’t got your single stone pair of ruby earrings yet, then we suggest you get going ASAP. You don’t want to fret few days before the festive season, isn’t it? Scroll down to check some heady recommendations.

ANMOL-Bellissima Collection

ANMOL-Bellissima Collection

Ghanasingh Be True -Christmas Frost Collection

Ghanasingh Be True -Christmas Frost Collection

Latique – Covenant

Narayan Jewellers- Ruby Collection

Reliance Jewels-Bridal Treasures






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