Why is it so important to figure out the purpose of a jewellery resale?

jewellery resale

If you wish to make an informed decision regarding jewellery resale, you need to ask yourself why you’re re-selling the jewellery at all! And there’s a reason behind it.

Knowing why you want to sell your precious jewellery will help you make a calculated choice to maximize the return. Here are some very basic questions you need to ask yourself before you take you visit a jeweller for jewellery resale:

Are you selling for cash?

If you are looking to do jewellery resell for cash, then do keep a watch out for the gold price trend. If it’s going down, and you are in a position to wait, then defer the resale until the graph moves up. This will obviously help you get a bigger amount upon jewellery resale.

Are you bored of the same old design?

Is it really a jewellery resale or you are looking to exchange? For design upgrades, you can visit a jeweller with your ornament anytime. You don’t have to wait for the gold price to increase or stabilize. If you are looking to exchange it for a new piece of jewellery then it really does not matter if the price of gold is low or high as the amount gets adjusted against your new purchase. Remember, many jewellers now offer the same rate for buying and selling gold. Others may have a small difference between the two rates.

In this case, you will have to pay a making charge and the extra metal or gemstone charges, depending on the design you choose. Remember, if you go back to the jeweller from whom you bought it originally, the total value of the piece will get adjusted as per the buy-back policy mentioned on the sales invoice.

If you go to another jeweller there are many factors that come into play depending on the kind of jewellery you want to resell for example gold, diamond, polki or colorstones. To know more about how to maximize your exchange value click on (How can you get maximum value on jewellery resale?)

Do keep an eye for special offers on making charges or discounts on diamond jewellery, so as to get the best possible price on making charges.

Are you returning simply because you changed your mind?

Is your jewellery resale triggered by a mood change?  If you know there is a slim possibility that you may change your mind, it’s best to enquire about your jeweller’s return policy during your purchase. Many branded offline and online retailers are now introducing a 30-day return policy. This means that you have 30 days from the date of delivery to request for return. Once you raise the return request, they will offer you a 100% refund on your ornament. Post 30 days, when you opt for jewellery resale or return you may get 80-100% of the price value depending upon the policy of the retailer.

Instead of exchanging will you consider redesigning the old piece?

Before you take the plunge of jewellery resell, consider redesigning It may involve a new design altogether using the same material or remodelling the existing designs (without disturbing the original design structure) by adding new elements to it. If you are looking to redesign the piece then both the stones and gold from the original design can be reused. However, in both cases you will still be paying the making charge for the piece.



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