What are colour diamonds?


Experts say, after cut, colour for diamonds is the second most vital factor that you must
examine before buying it. Diamonds are one of the most beautiful creations of Mother
Nature. They are the purest form of carbon. But whether you get attracted to colourless
stones or want to buy the coloured ones, be sure of what’s in store for you and the science
behind the stones. This will help you put your penny to good use.

Colour or not?

You may prefer to wear the shine of a coloured stone or may want to style your lehenga for
Diwali with a colour diamond set. Note that the diamonds of highest quality are colourless,
but coloured diamonds are mostly lower quality diamonds. Before you get confused, let’s
tell you that the grading is done by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where it is
done on the basis of colour on a scale of D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown).

What is the difference between the D to Z colour diamonds and fancy colour diamonds?

The normal colour range for diamonds is D to Z, which ranks diamonds from no colour to
having slight tints of yellow or brown colour. These diamonds with hints of colour are
considered low value.  On the other hand, fancy colour diamonds are diamonds that have a
definite colour to them and are rarer than colourless diamonds. Now you know, what’s
behind the sheen of your precious stone.

Which are the colours that classify diamonds as fancy colour diamonds?

Any diamond that is darker (yellow or brown) compared to the Z colour (from the normal
colour range) is termed as a fancy colour diamond. Other colours that you can pick to match your attire or mood are Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Grey, White, Black and Orange.

To conclude, when buying diamonds pay attention to its colour and quality, select colourless
to bring home a priceless stone or choose colours in case you are keen on fancy coloured


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