A connoisseur’s guide: Luxe flagships, or family jewellers? Which kind of jewellery store you can check out?

which kind of jewellery stores you can check out?

You could be lost in the ocean of jewellery stores, from luxury flagships to designer names. Well, we tell you how to make the clear choice by giving you a lowdown on the Where, Why, What & When of Jewellery Shopping. Learn how to shop like a pro!

Jewellery is in again. The way jewellery stores, brands and independent jewellery designers have been flourishing in the past decade, it only proves how the jewellery business has been thriving. Not only is the jewellery market much more competitive, but the clientele is even more variegated, opinionated and aware, which makes it all the more essential to choose for the right kind of jewellery store.

The jewellery business has been constantly opening up to newer vistas of innovation, raising the bar of creativity, variety and quality assurance. With certified and responsibly-sourced high-quality materials in use, the only thing that is left to know is WHERE, WHY, WHAT & WHEN of jewellery shopping, i.e. which kind of jewellery store can sort out your needs. Let us try and clear the picture for you…


The Trustworthy Traditional Family Jeweller

There’s a reason our ancestors kept the tradition of the family jeweller alive. The very phrase ‘family jeweller’ is a validation of sorts and certainly hinges on a two-way path to loyalty. A family jeweller could be operating from a premium location or their own erstwhile studio, but traditionally they are considered individual authorities on buyable jewellery is.

Be it silver, gold, diamonds, coloured gemstones and even platinum, when you have trusty jewellery, you can bank on them not just for shopping but also for advice on buying trends.

When it comes to value-driven purchases, it’s always wise to consult the jewellers, because you can’t afford to look at the purchase only from an ornamental point of view, as they are investments too. Not to mention that all your wedding jewellery is also probably sourced from your family jeweller. Depending on the relationship that you share, there is perhaps also scope for price negotiations and special customisations that they extend to your old jewellery as well.


The Big Brands Boom

These are usually the jewellery behemoths that sit pretty in plush malls or better still as sprawling stand-alone stores across metros and two-tier cities. Interestingly, they have lately been making inroads into smaller cities where big pocket buyers are veering their preferences from traditional to contemporary styles and often browse for jewellery outlets. Usually, these brands are heavily advertised and do not see the point in offering any personalised discounts. Nonetheless, they do sweep you with seasonal, festive and other lucrative offers that apply to anyone who walks into the store.

Thus, those who consider themselves terrible at haggling with prices can breathe a sigh of relief there. While the costs may seem higher, but there is a guarantee of quality, competitive pricing, no hidden costs and updated designs. They can afford to hire the industry’s best designers and keep up with international trends when they launch a jewellery collection.

Reports also suggest jewellery buffs choose these kinds of jewellery stores for wearable jewellery designs in gold, diamonds and precious stone studded jewellery often priced under two lakhs. The only downside is that the designs may be mass-produced and you could bump into a friend or colleague wearing the exact same craftsmanship. On the other side, wherever you go, you will always enjoy the comfort of having the brand’s outlet in that city, hence the transparent buy-back, upgrade facilities are a visit away for millennial buyers.

Check-Out Counter Brands

These exist as counters, right next to watch zones and other fancy paraphernalia stations, in shopping malls and departmental stores. These outlets sell lower to middle range jewellery. You could happily dive in with Rs 5000  and splurge up to Rs 50,000. Each of these brands would typically showcase around 200 products in gold or diamond, and feature pendants, rings, earrings and lightweight bracelets and bangles.

 Rise of The Multi-Brand Jewellery Store

The multi-brand stores come in two formats. 1)where a trusted brand ( like a family jeweller)cuts out a separate floor in its store or 2)as independent jewellery stores or souks. They house several other jewellery brands under one roof, providing them with infrastructure and facilities to sell high and medium-end jewellery. This is an excellent place to check out all the offerings by leading brands at one place. You can also get a quick glance at current trends in a jiffy.

Sensational Signature Stores

Promoted normally by a socialite, curators, jewellery designer or sometimes those with a Bollywood connect,t this store is typically upmarket and trendsetting. Exclusivity is their game and customisation facilities are galore. Goes without saying that you would probably need to pay a small premium for that jewellery piece.

Home Entrepreneurs of Bling

Beyond the above, there are also quite a few enterprising women who are successfully starting up their jewellery businesses from home. They enjoy great loyalty and even go through half a dozen appointments a day. There are also some next-gen start-ups that function through invite-only exhibitions that they host every three months, again with high-end jewellery and spatial designs which complement the concept.

The options are galore, but stay away from the herd mentality and understand your own need, budget and style and then take the plunge!

Navin Sadarangani, Founder of NYUZ has spent around 28 years in the various facets of the jewellery industry through International Sales, Retail, Manufacturing and Distribution. Since the past fifteen years, he is into Coaching & Consulting in jewellery retail. To know more check www.nyuz.com



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