Fine Jewellery Trends That Would Rise & Shine in 2020


We bring you top six fine jewellery trends that would rule the roost in 2020. Hop in to analyse what would sail your boat…

Temperatures are soaring and it is time to bid adieu to winters. That clearly means readying for summers, for new styles, new silhouettes and of course new fine jewellery. And ladies, jewellery buying is an expensive affair, so you better be updated on what kind of fine jewellery you must buy and flaunt with aplomb. Here are the top six fine jewellery trends that are going to take the jewellery fashion scene by storm.


Still the Rage — Statement Choker Necklaces

Talk about fine jewellery and how can statement choker necklaces not be included. They are expected to see the hype in 2020, as last year neckpieces were almost given a miss especially at runways and red carpets. This is one piece of fine jewellery that looks as graceful with ethnic wear (like a saree or lehenga) and as glamorous with high neck tops, sweaters and blazers for work. Remember winters would be back again. You can get yourself a studded piece with a mix of colours for occasional or ethnic wear. Alternatively, go for solid coloured precious jewellery adornments for work or evening wear. When it comes to fine jewellery, statement choker necklaces never fail. They with all body types are easy to pair and look so stylish and chic.

One to Tango — Single Earring

Another interesting trend that we can’t wait to see rollout is of the single earring. And we are still talking about precious jewellery and not a costume or artificial ones. It goes without saying that a pair of statement earrings do have a huge impact on the way you look. However, a single fine jewellery earring is your ready attention seeker. Alas, do remember when going single, you also got to go bold by picking the right fine jewellery earring. You must opt for fine jewellery designs like chandelier earrings, huge loops, danglers, and the works that are easily noticeable. And the brownie point is. If you have lost a fine jewellery earring from a pair, this is your chance to give back the love it has been seeking.



Merry-Will-Go-Rounds — Spheres Or The Circle In 3D

This fine jewellery trend is going to be sensational! A sphere or a circle in 3D is something you will see here, there and everywhere in 2020. From fine jewellery earrings to long necklaces in the fine jewellery category, the ball design is expected to make a lot of appearances. So, you know which is the (fine jewellery) ball you need to spin with style!

Link-Ups Are Cool — Link Designs

Link designs are quite popular when it comes to bracelets and chains. However, 2020 is determined to show you some bold options in link designs. They start from collar necklaces (12-14 inches) and can go up to rope necklaces (36+ inches). You can wear one short necklace or layer them up for a more powerful impact! Who knew precious jewellery would witness such an evolution!

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 05: Sandra Bullock poses in the press room during the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 05, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

Fine Jewellery Art — Architectural & Art Deco Influence

This is going to be the year of architectural and art deco influence in the world of fine jewellery. This will let you wear some cool and funky designs in precious jewellery ornaments such as rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, etc. And some brands are famous for reinterpreting the design of Indian Havelis, houses, etc. Similarly, others have collections dedicated to architectural marvel(s) around the globe. This type of precious jewellery is super funky and great for work or casual outings. What’s interesting to note is that these designs would also include geometric patterns that would be super lightweight and apt for daily wear too.

Courtesy: PNG Jewellers

Au Natural! — Nature Inspired Fine Jewellery

The world would come to an end the day nature-inspired jewellery stops getting crafted. Nonetheless, the dynamism with which it would be served at the shelves in 2020 is something to watch out for. From different types of leaves to flowers, you will be mesmerised by everything that is fashioned into fine jewellery. The mix of various shades of gold, be it white, or in some cases, platinum, yellow gold and rose gold, would fuel floral jewellery designs. Be ready to witness an array of coloured gemstones and coloured diamonds as well encrusted in precious jewellery designs. This being a classic style, you would be spoilt for choices. From lightweight daily wear options to heavy occasional wear, numerous nature-inspired precious jewellery designs would entice you no end.

If you find any more interesting trend in fine jewellery in 2020, we would love to read about them in the comments below.

contributed by Rupesh Jain, Founder & CEO, Candere 



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