Akshaya Tritiya: How to bring home prosperity amid lockdown?

Akshaya Tritiya offers

This year’s Akshaya Tritiya will be remembered for years. Amidst lockdown and following social distancing, making gold purchases on this auspicious day seems unfathomable. But thanks to jewellers’ innovative measures, now it’s possible and how!

As always this year too, amidst lockdown, Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated with the same fanfare. Even the ritual of buying gold and bringing home prosperity will be fulfilled with the same gusto. That too without flouting social distancing norms and lockdown rules.

In response to the number of enquiries made on toll-free numbers and social media handles from customers, jewellers have rolled out campaigns that will ensure your Akshaya Tritiya this year too glitters as always. Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on 26 April this year and shubh muhurat for the festival is from 11:50 AM on 25 April to 13:21 PM on 26 April.

Given the sales have been zero since the lockdown and that Akshaya Tritiya is one of the biggest sales day for the jewellers, already having missed out Gudi Padwa sales, the jewellers are going the extra mile to lure customers with Akshaya Tritiya offers. As a result, the best ever deals are up for grabs. Follow our tips for making the most of Akshaya Tritiya offers!



While you are still in the safe confines of your home during the lockdown, you can book gold coins or gold jewellery on this day. Many progressive jewellers have opened new channels to help their customers make their auspicious purchases. Note that the orders will be handed over to you only after the lockdown is over. You can either get it delivered to your doorstep or pick it up from the store yourself.

Click your order Online:

Essentially, the idea is to invest in gold on this auspicious day and therefore, you can order gold jewellery or bullion from your family jeweller’s store online the same day (provided they have the facility). You can even visit any online jewellery store to see the carousal of offers that welcome you there. Many have set up online chats to help you navigate Akshaya Tritiya offers better. Those who may not be having an online set up are promptly responding to email-enquiries.

Order on Call:

Given that not every customer is digitally-savvy, bookings are also being made over the phone here. In case you wish to reach out to jewellers for further enquiry, some of them have made arrangements for video calls.  Real-time customer care assistance has also been deployed by some to help you understand their offering better. All you have to do is call the jeweller’s office and the person on the other side will help to place your order. From choosing the right jewellery to billing, everything is taken care of over the phone or video calls.

Ping the order:

Many jewellers have set up special teams so that you don’t miss the big opportunity to bring home the blessings. They are promptly responding to queries and accepting bookings on WhatsApp.


In these scorching summer days, when you are cooped up at home, you can feel the offers raining online. But we understand that too much choice can get you confused. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to decode the factors you need to evaluate before you finally decide which Akshaya Tritiya offer is best suited for you.

Discount on making charge: Many brands are offering discounts on making charges of jewellery and coins. These Akshay Tritiya offers may range from:

  • 100 percent discount on making charges of diamond jewellery
  • Limited discount in the range of 10-50 percent on making charges of gold and diamond jewellery
  • Rupee discount on per gram of gold for 22kt and 24kt gold purchases. For example, you may get a discount of Rs 400 per gram or 1000 per 10 gm on the prevailing gold rate for 22kt and 24kt gold jewellery.
  • Zero making charge on silver and gold coins
  • There are brands offering coins with making charge and offering to adjust it against making charge of jewellery purchased in future.
  • There are offers with additional discounts on the total invoice amount at the time of buying jewellery.


Play safe with Gold rate protection plans

Those who have been tracking the gold prices amidst the market meltdown know that gold prices have been on a steady rise even during the worst humanitarian crisis. While it is great news for investors and all those who have gold jewellery in their vaults, it may become a cause of concern for those looking to buy gold now and take deliveries later. But now there is less reason to worry about gold price fluctuation because jewellers have got your back on this.

Every time the gold prices move north, we curse ourselves for not investing in time and benefitting from future price rise. Especially when there is a pre-scheduled event like marriage and the requirement is big chunky jewellery, the budget impacts can be significant. So, let this feeling not mar the fun and frolic of big life events later. Most Akshaya Tritiya offers are now allowing you to ‘Lock Your Gold Price’. Under this scheme, customers can still avail the booking rates post the lockdown in case the prevailing rates are higher at the time of taking delivery.

But a word of caution here, you have to be sure that the jeweller is also assuring you that in the event of the gold rate falling below the booking rates, you can avail the benefits of the lower rates.

It allows you to book gold now while being protected from higher gold rates post lockdown and at the same time, benefit from a fall in gold rates later at the time of taking delivery. Do we need to convince you more on why it may be the best time to take the plunge in case you have been deferring your gold buying plan.


Schemes to Redeem for Jewellery Later:

Are you one of those who can’t bring oneself to buy gold jewellery without trying it? Then look out for Akshay Tritiya offers that allow gold booking during the lockdown:

  • Gold Ownership Certificates: Under the scheme, you can buy gold of over two grams and the certificate will be sent via e-mail/ WhatsApp. Once the lockdown is lifted, you can redeem this certificate against physical gold in the form of jewellery or coins.
  • Gold Weight Vouchers: These are vouchers available in varied denominations of one, two, five, ten, 20, 50 and 100 grams.
  • Gold Coin bookings: As per the scheme, you have to buy gold coins online. And you can exchange it later for jewellery at the prevailing gold rate, post lockdown.

With the projections about gold prices touching over Rs. 50,000 by the end of the year, if these are not great deals then what is. In case you are still in two minds, we would like to remind you that all these brilliant offers are only available on or before Akshaya Tritiya.




Many brands are offering gold coins with zero making charge. Others who are levying a making charge are promising to adjust the making charge against future jewellery purchase. So if you do not intend to buy jewellery anytime soon, it makes more sense to buy gold coins without any making charge.


Many brands have introduced gold price protection plan for gold booked during the lockdown period. But before you settle for it, check the validity period of the gold price protection plan. Some are for a very limited period while others are longer. Choose carefully according to your buying plans as the gold protection will be applicable for the limited period only.


Many brands are not offering price protection against downward revision, so it may not be advisable to buy from them as you stand to lose if the price drops in future. So check out the fine print very carefully.


If you book now and take delivery later post lockdown, make sure the protection plan is for gold in any form. Some brands are offering the protection only if you buy 22kt jewellery and not gold coin.


Besides the protection against price fluctuation, check out the discounts. There are making charge discounts on diamond jewellery as high as 100 percent and gold even up to 50 percent. But make sure the diamond is certified and gold is hallmarked. Also check the exchange and resale policy of the store.


We observed that few brands have two different rates; the online rate differs from the store rates. It may be advisable to understand if the differential gold pricing works in your favour before buying from either of the channels.


In case you miss out buying on or before the auspicious day, don’t lose heart. Many brands are offering discounts and price protection on purchase till the end of the month.





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