Akshaya Tritiya 2020: Limited period offers, worth their weight in gold


Already having missed out on Hindu calendar new year sales during the spring harvest time due to abrupt lockdown, jewellers across the country are pulling out all the stops to make gold shopping, on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya on 26th of April, convenient from the confines of home.

In these scorching summer days, when you are cooped up at home, you can feel the Akshay Tritiya offers raining online. But it can’t always be the more, the merrier – sometime it’s confusing too. Some talk about discounts, while others about price protections. Cashback too has made its way through offer partners. Must say, exchange value was never this irresistible! Certainly, when there are such dazzling offers up for grabs, it’s hard to make up your mind. So here’s a quick review of some of the most trending Akshay Tritiya offers from the most trusted brands which will truly guarantee prosperity in future!

Senco Gold & Diamonds doles out discounts and price protection

For this Akshaya Tritiya, we highly recommend this brand. Firstly, they are not only offering 100 per cent discounts on making charge of diamond jewellery but also giving discount of 400 per gram on 22kt and 24Kt gold jewellery. Secondly and more importantly, the brand is pledging one per cent of the sales to COVID-19 Relief Fund. We love how they are keeping a fine balance between profiting and sharing! Thirdly, unlike few other brands, they protect you from upward and downward revision of price. Lastly, they top up all these offers with an additional discount on the total invoice value!!!



Kalyan Jeweller’s redeemable Gold ownership certificate and price protection

You can purchase gold from 2 grams upwards and the Gold Ownership Certificate will be sent to you on the day of Akshaya Tritiya via email / WhatsApp or other customer recommended platforms. The gold coins come with a making charge which gets adjusted against jewellery making charge at the time of purchase. The good part of the offer; its rate protection plan truly guards your interest when the prices go up and refunds you the excess if it goes down.



Tanishq’s price protection comes with a caveat

The brand is back with discounts on jewellery bought during this period. You can also check out the gold coin offer that allows you to exchange it for jewellery at any store without any loss of making charge as it gets adjusted against your jewellery purchase. Unlike many other brands, their gold price protection plan is not promising to give you the benefit if the price drops at the time of delivery post lockdown and is only valid for 30 days after the store becomes operational. So, we suggest read the fine print carefully.


PNG Jewellers E-vouchers and Pure Price Protection offers are a steal!

Ever imagined buying a gold ring without a making charge? If not, we suggest you book a Vedhani E-voucher immediately. Wear it for as long as you want and then exchange it for another bauble you fancy because you lose nothing! Not only this, this brand too offers gold protection with the pure price offer. If price rise, you pay less if they drop, you get more! But this is only applicable on 22kt jewellery.


Abharan Jeweller’s Gold weight vouchers with a price protection both ways!

Can’t buy gold without trying on the jewellery? Then may we suggest buying gold weight vouchers which come in small denominations as the brand allows exchanging it for jewellery post the lockdown. They promise to refund you the excess if the price drops or adjust is against the making charge. But these gold coins also come with a making charge which gets adjusted against the future purchase.



Online gift vouchers by GRT Jewellers

The brand has been a favourite with consumers for over many decades. Some believe buying from the brand is auspicious! On this pious occasion they are giving their loyal patrons more reasons to buy gold from them – discounts of gold and diamond jewellery making charges on jewellery bought online, no making charge on gold coins and gift vouchers with complete protection from any upward or downward revision of prices.


Malabar discounts and promises price protection

The brand has attractive discounts on the making charges of gold jewellery and on diamond value. Also, the brand is offering cashback on SBI credit cards. What’s more! The online gold purchase facility comes with the rate protection advantage i.e. you can avail the jewellery at the booked rate or prevailing rate whichever is lower.



PC Jewellers too amps up its offer game with discounts and exchanging delights

A string of discounts await you at PC Jewellers’ online store. While you get discount on diamond jewellery and making of gold jewellery, you earn additional cashback on shopping with SBI cards. Post lockdown, in case you wish to exchange them, till July there will be no deductions in making charges. Even buying gold coins gets you up to seven per cent off which can be exchanged to buy jewellery till 31st December with no deduction on making charges.



TBZ The Original delights the customers with discounts

TBZ too has prepped up for this Akshaya Tritiya. On the minimum order value of Rs. 10,000, here you get 50 per cent off on making of gold coins and gold jewellery. That’s not all. There is no making charge on diamond jewellery on minimum purchase of Rs. 50,000. What we appreciate most is that the offers are thoughtfully extended beyond this auspicious period and go on till 3 May.


Joyalukkas rolls out sparkling offers

In the run up to make big sales on Akshaya Tritiya, the jeweller is offering Rs. 50 off on 22kt gold rate. The website does not clarify on how gram of gold though. On the purchase of diamond jewellery too, you get 20 per cent discount on diamond value. Here you will also get gift vouchers and digital vouchers that can be redeemed after lockdown. All this and additional cashback on SBI cards, are sure add sparkle to your celebrations.



Now that you have reviewed the offers, we know you still need master guidance on how to really know which one works the best for you. Read on to get the final clues for picking the best offer!


Many brands are offering gold coins with zero making charge. Others who are levying a making charge are promising to adjust the making charge against future jewellery purchase. So if you do not intend to buy jewellery anytime soon, it makes more sense to buy gold coins without any making charge.


Many brands have introduced gold price protection plan during the lockdown period. But before you settle for it, check the validity period of the gold price protection plan. Some are for a very limited period while others are longer. Choose carefully according to your buying plans as the gold protection will be applicable for a limited period only.


Many brands are not offering protection against downward revision, so it may not be advisable to buy from them as you stand to lose if the price drops in future. So check out the fine print very carefully.


If you book now and take delivery later post lockdown, make sure the protection plan is for gold in any form. Some brands are offering the protection only if you buy 22kt jewellery and not gold coin.


Besides the protection against gold price fluctuation, check out the discounts. There are making charge discounts on diamond jewellery as high as 100 per cent and gold even up to 50 percent. But make sure the diamond is certified and gold is hallmarked. Also check the exchange and resale policy of the store. Some are even offering additional discounts on the final invoice value.


We observed that few brands have two different rates; the online rate differs from the store rates. It may be advisable to understand if the differential gold pricing works in your favour before buying from either of the channels.


In case you miss out buying on or before the auspicious day, don’t lose heart. Many brands are offering discounts and price protection on purchase till the end of the month.




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