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Make purchases on Akshaya Tritiya like a Pro

The online jewellery world is sparkling with Akshaya Tritiya offers. There are discounts, there are cashbacks and then, there are price protection schemes too. Amidst such bedazzling offers, where some of them even seem too good to be true, a little of due diligence can help you grab the best deal. Admit it, you feel […]

Akshaya Tritiya 2020: Limited period offers, worth their weight in gold

Already having missed out on Hindu calendar new year sales during the spring harvest time due to abrupt lockdown, jewellers across the country are pulling out all the stops to make gold shopping, on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya on 26th of April, convenient from the confines of home. In these scorching summer days, […]

Akshaya Tritiya: How to bring home prosperity amid lockdown?

This year’s Akshaya Tritiya will be remembered for years. Amidst lockdown and following social distancing, making gold purchases on this auspicious day seems unfathomable. But thanks to jewellers’ innovative measures, now it’s possible and how! As always this year too, amidst lockdown, Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated with the same fanfare. Even the ritual of […]

Can you sell your non-hallmarked jewellery once hallmarking becomes mandatory in 2021 ?

You probably know by now that the government has announced a mandate in favour of hallmarked jewellery, to safeguard buyers from unscrupulous practices in the jewellery market. Once this rule becomes mandatory from January 15, 2021, no retailers will be allowed to sell non-hallmarked jewellery. So, what does it mean for people who are looking […]

Why is it so important to figure out the purpose of a jewellery resale?

If you wish to make an informed decision regarding jewellery resale, you need to ask yourself why you’re re-selling the jewellery at all! And there’s a reason behind it. Knowing why you want to sell your precious jewellery will help you make a calculated choice to maximize the return. Here are some very basic questions […]

Shapes on your mind? Here’s why round diamonds make it to the top of the list of solitaire diamonds

Ever wondered why round diamonds are the most popular diamond shapes in the world of diamond jewellery. Although there are plethora of fancy shapes to choose from such as the cushion-cut, oval, pear, the princess-cut and more, it is always the round diamonds that catch the imagination of solitaire diamond shoppers.  It’s not that people […]

Buying Gold in the time of Corona: What Lies ahead

A lot has been going on across the globe in the last few days. Russia and Saudi Arabia coming head to head over Oil supply and prices. Oil prices undergoing a free fall. On top of that, travel bans put in place across the globe due to the on-going Covid 19 crisis. Stock markets in […]

Tips to Protect Yourself From a Gold Price Fluctuation

How many times have you gone to a jewellery store looking for one thing (a gold bangle perhaps) only to have found yourself enamoured with something else entirely (that breath-taking necklace set)? Do you find yourself doing some quick math to see if you can afford the item that caught your fancy? Do you really […]

2020 is the year of antique jewellery. But how do you know if your pieces qualify as vintage?

Antique jewellery is making a big comeback, especially in the bridal fashion memo; old school, heirloom jewellery does not just transcend eras and decades, but these pieces are normally passed down from one family member to another. So, you can easily borrow your grandma’s jadau choker from the 1940s to wear with your tulle lehenga. […]

A connoisseur’s guide: Luxe flagships, or family jewellers? Which kind of jewellery store you can check out?

You could be lost in the ocean of jewellery stores, from luxury flagships to designer names. Well, we tell you how to make the clear choice by giving you a lowdown on the Where, Why, What & When of Jewellery Shopping. Learn how to shop like a pro! Jewellery is in again. The way jewellery […]

How can you get maximum value at jewellery resale?

Jewellery buying patterns have evolved a lot in the last decade, especially since there are so many choices now, from expensive fine jewellery to luxury, design-rich bling and workwear jewellery.  The change is jewellery shopping takes a toll in jewellery resale obviously. So many millennials want to exchange their dated, heirloom jewellery for something a […]

This gold trading app delivers to your home and you can invest less than Rs 500!

Let’s be real, millennials are not doing so well on the economic front. The slowdown in the market is not only affecting their spending habits, but industries across the country are facing the brunt of this change in their buying and investment patterns. Millennials have often complained about not being paid enough, and though every […]

From ethical wages to wasted metal: Five things which determine the making charge on gold jewellery

When was the last time you shopped for jewellery? Whether it was a chic white gold charm bracelet or a Mother’s Day gift for your mum with an element of filigree gold design, your purchase is bound to have involved a making charge. Every piece of jewellery you buy comes with making charge which is […]

4cs of Diamonds – Diamond grading parameters they don’t talk about!

The 4Cs of diamonds are the most important of all the diamond grading parameters. While this means that they’re all you need to know, it also means that they aren’t the only ones. Diamond grading is done on several parameters and the 4Cs of diamonds, the cut, carat, clarity and colour may sometimes just not […]

Fine Jewellery Trends That Would Rise & Shine in 2020

We bring you top six fine jewellery trends that would rule the roost in 2020. Hop in to analyse what would sail your boat… Temperatures are soaring and it is time to bid adieu to winters. That clearly means readying for summers, for new styles, new silhouettes and of course new fine jewellery. And ladies, […]

Here’s how you check the authenticity of the BIS hallmark logo on your jewellery

The government of India has announced that the hallmarking of gold jewellery is mandatory, but it is still to be implemented by many small retailers. Even though the government is trying its best to create awareness and acceptance among the consumers, but there is often reportage of fake hallmarking of jewellery. As a result of […]

Must Know Facts About Gold Hallmarking

That brilliant design or that sparkling stone may sweep you off your feet, but you should be mindful about the purity of the metal and know that it deserves the price you are paying. Fortunately, the government has acted on it with hallmarking jewellery and it’s time you go through the following key pieces of […]

Wise Tips to buy Gold this Akshaya Tritiya

An auspicious occasion of buying of Gold – Akshaya Tritiya is approaching and this year when Gold prices are almost at the same level as prevailing on the last Akshaya Tritiya, expectations are very high towards a higher sale. Lower price is due to an appreciation of Indian Rupee v/s USD and stagnant Bullion prices […]

7 must know tips to care for fine Jewellery while travelling

care for fine Jewellery Weddings these days are no longer like what it used to be years back. With time the extravaganza as it can be rightfully called now has become more of a trek to somewhere picturesque. While extensive photo shoots and destination weddings have taken center stage, it has almost become inevitable to […]

Want to customise your jewellery? Here’s what you need to know

Women love to personalise their jewellery. They want it to reflect and complement their style, preferably in a unique and personal way. The name that jewellers give to this process is customisation. Customisation, you should know, does not mean copying. Replicating the design of a famous brand like Tiffany & Co. or Harry Winston is […]

All that you need to know about insuring your jewellery

Priceless heirloom neckpiece you inherited from your grandmother? The sparkling diamond engagement ring you received in the course of that romantic weekend? Well, they’re both in the safe, and you are content. In the safe need not mean actually safe. Unforeseen damage and losses do happen — and if they do, even though you may […]

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