Zoe Kravitz Found Her Engagement Ring on Instagram and it’s an Antique Wonder


Like the millennial icon that she is, the story behind Zoe Kravitz’s engagement is also a modern fairy tale. The star revealed her engagement news to actor Karl Glusman a few months ago, and we finally know the story behind her one-of-a-kind vintage engagement ring which by the way, is refreshingly romantic and edgy.

Zoe spotted the Georgian ring on Instagram on the handle of the fine jewellery label The One I Love NYC. Zoe has been admiring the ring from afar, and one of her friends told Karl about the piece which she has been keeping tabs on. Needless to say, Karl proposed to Zoe with the Diamond Heart Ring she wanted for herself. But we are not just obsessed about the love story for the Instagram generation, we are also in love with the exquisite vintage piece.

The antique masterpiece

Most of us fawn over the idea of an antique engagement ring, but take a step back when we think about heavily embellished pieces which cannot be worn on a regular basis. But Zoe’s ring which is a bona fide antique piece made in 1770, is the definition of understated brilliance. It has an impressively futuristic silhouette, something that’s relevant even today and is not cumbersome at all.

Diamond Heart Ring

The Diamond Heart Ring, as the piece is called features five rose cut diamonds set in a solid gold band with rustic white gold shank. In Georgian times, each gemstone was cut for the purpose of being used in a specific jewellery. The pear shaped centre diamond in this ring, is a total show-stealer and has actually been curated in the middle for an optical illusion which makes the ring look bigger than it actually is.

When inspiration strikes

The label makes some stunning vintage bling, which can influence your future engagement jewellery decisions. When considering antique pieces, think about Edwardian or Georgian numbers, as they are much more adventurous in craftsmanship and a lot more wearable. Colette set rings or Edwardian flower rings are superbly uncluttered and usually have a timeless finish.



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