Versace’s Chunky Necklaces are a Big Spring/Summer Mood


Whoever told you big jewellery does not work for summers, is clearly on the wrong side of the sartorial narrative. A look at Versace’s huge, bold necklaces would confirm that. As we know, no one does over-the-top jewellery better than Versace. Having said that, the Italian luxury fashion house is all about carefully set up colour schemes. When we say chunky necklaces, we mean fantastically assembled metallic neck pieces in solid gold, or silver, featuring signature charms or retro accents.


Versace has obviously got the Gen-Z memo of bringing together unconventional elements together. This punk-themed charms necklace features gold medallions, crystal encrusted metallic bows, diamond chain links and even signature Versace perfume bottles. Notice how breezy the colours are, and in spite of being a heavy luxury piece, it’s like wearing a piece of Spring.

Old is Gold

Versace’s non-flashy gold necklaces are a huge rage globally. We are in love with this pure gold cuff necklace, featuring a huge medallion centrepiece. This has tone-on-tone work, and there is a consistency in its retro silhouette, which makes it a power statement.

Grand medallions

Chunky medallion chokers are timeless, and if you find one with a finish as excellent as this one, it can be a total staple piece, which can go with everything, from daily wear to festive ensembles. Although loose chokers have a neck-skimming aspect, you can always accent tight chokers with something else.

Be careful…

Elaborate pure gold necklaces, especially the ones closer to your collar bones, can end up looking quite gaudy if you’re not careful about which ones you pick. Firstly, you need to have a lot of confidence in your look. Also, don’t be shy to pair precious metal with fierce prints, as they mostly work great. This beautiful chain link necklace, for instance, gels amazingly well with bold animal prints.


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