This Alternative Engagement Ring Label Needs Your Attention STAT


If you’re searching hard for an engagement ring for your partner, and are weary of all the traditional options out there, you are in need of some radical inspiration. Midwinter Co Jewelry has one of the most impressive array of alternate engagement ring designs, so removed from the mainstream selection that your fiancée would only fall deeper in love with you. From Georgian-inspired three tier rings, to stacked pure black diamond rings, the socially responsible jewellery brand is all about unique pieces made of genuine ethically produced gemstones.

It’s all layered

If you have an indulgent budget, why not go for a set of exquisitely stacked rings? They could have great colour symmetry, or could be a melange of several kind of gemstones. Midwinter’s Instagram page consists of several layered engagement rings, which are sold separately, but look incredible when worn together. This set of sapphire and diamond rings, has a solid yellow gold base, and have a breath-taking consistency.

What are contour rings?

Contour rings are basically tastefully stacked petite bands, featuring a diverse range of designs and silhouettes. You can also go for a set of differently shaped rings, encrusted with more than one kinds of diamonds. Pastel gems, or neutral coloured stones, usually go really with emeralds and sapphires.



Oh, so retro

Vintage-inspired alternate rings are the coolest pieces of jewellery. Edwardian-style spherical encrusted numbers or rings featuring rare, one-of-a-kind stones are something that would appeal to anyone. Like this precious translucent diamond surrounded by tiny round black diamonds, or the cushion cut counterparts are ideal.


More than one

More and more celebs are going for the multiple-stone trend, and alternate rings featuring similarly cut gemstones can make a dramatic statement. This triple black diamond engagement ring with a rose gold base, or the other piece with a curation of monochrome diamonds are great examples.



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