The trendiest and new age emerald bangles you can invest in


Whether you’re all about antique jewellery, or you’re only investing in modern designs this seasons, you can never really go wrong with gemstone bangles. Stacked precious jewellery or even a single statement bangle can always give your look a much-needed lift. Since emeralds are the hottest gemstone this spring, we will focus on them and try to find the most unique approaches to sport the bangles without looking dowdy or stuffed. As more and more people opt for the barely their jewellery look, an emerald bangle from a high jewellery collection can make for the much-needed element of class in your otherwise muted attire. This season, instead of bracelets or precious charms, go for bangles featuring well-cut emeralds; not only are them roomier when it comes to the silhouette but are also much more versatile, as they can be paired up with any mood of attire, from semi-formal to casual western. And the green never really looks stuffy and can even save cluttered

The vintage groove

If you love a touch of the old world in your daily wear, go for something completely out-of-the-box; like this antique estate emerald estate bangle by Beryl Lane, made entirely out of an assortment of 69 round-cut, natural emerald stones in a white gold setting. It’s quite wearable, more so, as a solo statement, and will appeal to the millennial aesthetic. Two-tone bracelets, like the one, can be very festive, as well. If you want to go for something more heavy-set, go for a cleaner, prominent detailing.

A fuss-free princess-cut oval bangle or chunky emeralds set in broad golden bands are ideal.

21 Century fixes

It’s not difficult to stand out of the crowd with breezier gemstone pieces; this is one of the reasons why emerald bangles are such a huge crowd-puller, as they can fit so many occasions. But Gen-Z is definitely looking to go sleeker, on the wearability milieu; so stylish cuff-style bangles, featuring consistent gemstones, or compatible stones, are hugely popular. Emeralds set in a diamond base are safer bets, but if you do want to go for riskier designs, heavily featuring coloured gems, choose trusty brands.

Go the desi way

If you love making statements, choose fierce Rajasthani-style Kundan or close-knit craftsmanship for your emerald bangles; this stunning emerald and yellow gold bangle from Amrapali’s High Jewellery collection, or this Minakari-inspired station bangle, featuring intricate emerald detailing, are one-of-a-kind.



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