Love Snake-Inspired Jewellery? Here’s Some Revamped Inspiration


Ever since Taylor Swift launched her fantastical snake-themed aesthetic last year, and an entire series of visual snake metaphors in her music videos, we’ve been obsessed with the trend. Snake-inspired jewellery is hardly brand new; your mum must have at least one gold snake choker or dangler in her closet. Or you must have bought a snake bracelet online. Bulgari’s coiled snake jewellery line, of course, has a cult following of its own. But we’re always on the lookout for more wearable and practical options; snake jewellery we can wear to several places. Here’s some stellar inspiration for you if you want to lean in towards the jewellery trend this season.

Put a ring on it

If you want to start small, opt for breezy metallic snake-inspired rings, like this hand-engraved pure 18 K yellow gold ring which belongs to the Snake Collection by Ole Lynggaard. You can always go for something safer and a little more ornate piece like this rose gold number which has more diamond embellishments and a finer finish.

Gucci gets it

This Gucci number is a multi-stranded wonder. This particular ring depicts the Ouroboros who is an ancient snake symbol which represents the endless cycle of nature. This Italian-made 18-karat gold ring is encrusted with diamonds, topazes and sapphires. We love the colour-clashing which gives an edge to its craftsmanship.

It’s all Bulgari

We can never make a list about snake jewellery without mentioning Bulgari’sSerpenti collection. The iconic bespoke line has been worn by some of the most famous names in Hollywood. All the Serpenti pieces are made with 18 K gold or rose gold base and feature a stunning assortment of well-cut diamonds and rubies.

On your head


Valentino made a serious statement when it debuted flawlessly crafted snake head pieces at its runway show. You can go for this style for your next music festival outing. It’s chic, it’sboho and it’s super dramatic. In fact, it’s a much better option than some regular headbands. You can effortlessly wear something like this to a costume party or a yearly bash, and you can even team it up with toned-down neutral numbers.


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