London Jeweller David Morris’ Sapphires are Redefining High Jewellery


Let’s be real: sapphires are not easy to wear. They stand out amid the wildest of ensembles and if paired wrong, can easily lead to a fashion faux pas. As exquisite as sapphires are, they are the epitome of drama and when it comes to high jewellery, there are some designers who are making sapphires wearable again. London-based designer David Morris is famous for his ornate and beautiful coloured gemstone pieces; his chunky, well-cut sapphires are hugely popular as he knows exactly how to curate them with the perfect silhouette and accents. David’s signature trick is to team up sapphires with pastel or clear gemstones so they do not come across as too vivid and make for polished statements. From Kate Winslet to Olivia Coleman, everyone is a Morris fan, and it’s time you checked him out too.

Just the right team

David’s elaborate sapphire neck pieces do not have a stuffy layout, which makes them so perfect for resort wear or vacation wardrobes. They are breezy, effortless and make a daring statement. His necklaces look like they are right out of a royal closet and have achieved the perfect equation of symmetry between diamonds and sapphires.

One of a kind

David’s Neptune Earrings are a total masterpiece; thoughtfully curated with flawless pear-shaped sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, diamonds and black opals mounted on a solid platinum base, the number is the most exquisite sapphire inspiration you’ll see this season. Another one of his creations, features gigantic Burmese sapphires which have been paired with 10.42cts of pink and white diamonds.

Wear them everyday?

David is also exploring the wearable jewellery scene, and in addition to bespoke pieces, is also designing incredibly chic, earrings meant for sharpening up your summer wardrobe. His 78 carats natural Ceylon sapphire emerald-cut and diamond drop earrings, for instance, are a total hit. As are his sapphire and opal numbers.




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