How To Wear Drop Earrings Like Kate Middleton?


Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is perhaps the most realistic fashion icon millennials have. She’s economical with her wardrobe, she’s a big believer in repeating her super expensive couture numbers and she has taught us a thing or two about pairing jewellery with daily wear. The Duchess herself is not a fan of big or oversized jewellery, and usually opts for delicate designer numbers, to use as accessories. The drop earring is one of her most favourite numbers, as they can lend an air of modern glam without overstepping the mood of an ensemble. If you’re looking to invest in some precious drop earrings this summer, take a cue from Kate.

The Daily Staple

A pair of earrings which Kate loves to wear every now and then is a light but well-made citrine drop piece designed by one of her favourite designers Kiki McDonough. The earrings are very neat, and the stones are suspended from a solid 18 carat yellow gold hoop. Kate has worn this earring for several state occasions and even on off-duty errands, which means it’s a staple accessory for her. It serves us all well to pick out some go-to pieces to team up with our daily wear, and in case of drop earrings, you should pick out light ones which have a consistent and precise layout.

Go Festive

Gigantic drop earrings can add a totally festive vibe to your ensemble, but the key is to go for the right statement piece featuring well-cut gemstones. Kate wore another drop earring designed by Kiki, for her sister Pippa Middleton’s wedding. The pear-shaped pink morganite earrings set in 18 K white gold, were one of the most incredible statement pieces the Duchess has ever worn. We love the uncluttered curation and the diamond accents.

The Heirloom Piece

Another of Kate’s go-to piece is quite literally a regal number. Kate has been seen sporting a petite but intricately detailed oval-shaped sapphire and diamond earring on numerous occasions. Turns out, that the earring was a gift from her husband Price William and was originally owned by Princess Diana; they were studs which have been re-fashioned into drop earrings. If you’re not too keen on metallic numbers or want to add a more polished accessory, go for precious stone-encrusted drop earrings to look more elegant.


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