Can Minimal Jewellery be Dramatic? Let Atelier Romy Show You How


Minimal jewellery is all about personal aesthetic, and there are very few jewellery designers who actually get the memo on how to make dainty jewellery work. London-based label Atelier Romy was founded by four women who understand exactly how essential jewellery is to your individual style; especially minimalistic pieces which are not always about the visibility but the statement it makes. From flawless diamond rings, to yellow gold bracelets, the jewellery label is creating some of chicest and wearable numbers.

Working with solid gold

Minimal jewellery hardly ever uses strong or bold gold silhouettes, but Atelier Romy is known for some of its fierce signature yellow gold numbers, which have a retro callback, and is reminiscent of fine Italian craftsmanship. And yet, the designs and the layout of the jewellery remain utterly modern and relevant to the contemporary narrative of the millennial woman.

The modern renaissance

When it comes to fine jewellery, a fresh conceptualization is almost as important as the design and the medium. Atelier Romy’s pieces are wonderfully futuristic and are meant for women who are not afraid to experiment. This set of pure gold stacked rings, for instance define what modern fine jewellery must entail of. It’s fun, it’s vibrant but not flimsy or too niche.

Is this classic?

If you’re not exactly in the market for kitschy minimal pieces, Atelier Romy is the perfect inspiration for your wardrobe. The jeweller makes the most magnificent and relaxed pieces which have a soaring timeless vibe, and can be teamed up with almost anything. From their art deco-inspired precious diamond ring in platinum or their multiple gold ring set, the label is all about relaxed elegance. Their stacked rose gold engagement rings featuring garnets and diamonds or bodycon gemstone earrings in pure yellow gold are superbly breezy.


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