Bejewelled A-listers came to play at the NAACP Awards 2020


There’s never a dull moment in Hollywood and the newest edition of the NAACP is proof. Come 2020 more and more celebrities are taking risks with their jewellery at major red carpets and do not want to stick to plain old school diamond jewellery styling anymore. From Rihanna to Tracee Ellis Ross to Lizzo, stars are taking fashion seriously by not taking things too seriously. At the NAACP Awards, fashionistas opted for an elegant but playful vibe as they introduced some fantastic, fresh and design-rich pieces. Here’s a look at all that was spotted at the NAACP Awards.


Lizzo was quite careful so as not to overload on bling and let the minimalism shine through; but she did sport some really dramatic jewellery like some simple David Webb diamond dangler earrings, some maximalist solid gold bracelets and also carried an excellent gold bar clutch designed by Lynn Ban.

Chloe Bailey

Gen-Z icon Chloe Bailey kept things super polished at the NAACP Award; she went for some fantastic high jewellery numbers like an interlinked hoop diamond dangler earring, and a really quirky lip ring. This is exactly what we mean when we say modern celebratory jewellery, nothing too serious and yet young and effortless.

Angela Bassett

Screen legend Angela Bassett was clearly in the mood to party as she showed up to the NAACP Award dripping in emeralds; the actor wore a pair of gorgeous emerald danglers along with an oversized statement solitaire, also in emerald. And to top things off, she wore an extravagant gemstone cuff featuring coloured stone. Angela obviously sticks to the classy memo, ticking off all the right boxes when it comes to dressy bling.

Francia Risa

We are in love with Francia Risa’s NAACP Award look; Raisa ditched good ol’ diamond danglers to go for a really stylish asymmetric earpiece, which hangs down from the lobe; it’s clingy, it’s classy and it’s perfect with some low-key formals.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Trust Ellis Ross to keep things fun and upbeat; the actor doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all as she showed upbeat the NAACP Award in mismatched earrings; on one year, Tracee sported a resplendent open-circle diamond number while on the year she just went for a simple diamond stud. The look works on many levels, but it primarily clicks because Tracee chose a rather whimsical gown which demanded some fun drama.


Rihanna was a major winner at the NAACP Award, not just because she won the much-coveted President’s Award but also because she really made way for the new-age styling of diamond jewellery. Rihanna stunned everyone in some heavy-duty Chopard as she went for the curated ear look featuring an oversized floral stud and some chic amethyst danglers to go with it. She also sported a gigantic 40-carat Kallati amethyst diamond ring valued at a whopping $47,000. Her purple Givenchy dress could have really gone wrong if she had opted for the wrong bling, but she ditched the basic diamond dangler earring to make way for a little more stylistic asymmetry.


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