Ara Vartanian is the Brazillian Jewellery Designer on Every Celeb’s Radar


We are always on the lookout for celebrity jewellery designers to keep up with. You must have come across the creations of Brazillian designer Ara Vartanian on your Instagram timeline. Ara’s fierce contemporary silhouettes and wearable statement jewellery is a favourite with stars like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Glenn Close and many more names. Ara’s‘go big or go home’ creations are the definition of elegance and finesse. He first made his name with his unique usage of precious gemstones; his inverted diamond pieces were a global rage when he started out. Here’s looking at some of his best pieces.

The ring man


Ara is famous for his bespoke engagement rings, and you’ll notice the stunning curation of precious and colourful gemstones in each of his rings. Be it the pear-cut tourmaline ring with a monochrome band of black and white diamonds or the cushion cut diamond-encrusted band, his engagement rings are the freshest of the lot.

Double delight

One of his most impressive creations is the double finger ring which is the most dramatic engagement ring you can get your partner. This ruby and white diamond ring has a classy consistency and has an elaborate silhouette which is not over-the-top and yet can double up as a statement jewel. This is bold and unlike any other engagement ring we’ve come across in contemporary labels.

Neat and niche

What we love about Ara’s work the most is his clean, well-ordered creativity. Almost all his precious gemstones are well-cut and neatly set amid an array of complementary stones. His cushion cut emerald necklaces, or his beautiful garnet chokers, everything he makes is extremely wearable and has an universal appeal. Ara does not rely on trends too much, and sticks to some classic staples.


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