‘The Real Cut’ Above the Rest: Lakmé Fashion Week Summer


The Real Cut’ Season 3 by DPA at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2020 embodies slow fashion with impressive, futuristic and timeless natural diamond earrings and necklaces…

A S Motiwala(Mumbai)

AS Motiwala

Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers(Karnataka)

Sona Chandis Jewellers(Kanpur)

Senco Gold and Diamonds(Kolkata)

Reliance Jewels(Mumbai)

B R Designs(Surat)

From red carpets to ramp walks, slow fashion isreally going ‘fast’! And the way natural diamonds upheld sustainability in the realm of fashion, nothing else can. After all, what else can substitute the timelessness and fashion excellence of natural diamonds? In the same way, a strong crusader of this cult is The Diamond Producers Association (DPA).So, when DPA partnered with the Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2020,amidst all the fashion frenzy, the theme for The Real Cut Season 3 that was ‘Slow Fashion’ or conscious luxury grabbed the spotlight.

Like its earlier seasons, the show also entailed a competition. Six emerging natural diamond jewellery designers displayed their dynamism with natural diamond collections.The winning list included Kinnari Shah for Reliance Jewels, Riddhi Shah for B R Designs, Ashraf & Team for A S Motiwala, Sourav Hanra for VBJ, Deepa Agarwal for Sona Chandis and Subhajit Bag for Senco Gold & Diamonds. The designers drew inspiration from nature, geometric designs and life experiences. Thus were created a plethora of diamond necklaces and diamond earrings that could be defined as precious, rare, versatile, stylish and heirloom-worthy just like the awe-inspiring natural diamonds they were crafted from. These tangible demonstrations were presented in collaborations with fashion designers like Ragini Ahuja, Shriya Som and Riddhi Mehra that set the stage on fire ignited by natural diamonds.

The stunning natural diamond jewellery collections perfectly complemented three very different looks on the runway. While Shriya Som’s designs blended florals with splendour, Ikai by Ragini Ahuja accentuated geometric shapes and classic silhouettes. Riddhi Mehra, on the other hand, celebrated a combination of pastels with embellishments with her ‘Yours Truly’ collection of diamond necklaces and earrings.

From ready-to-wear, the looks drifted to cocktail soirées and then onto the destination bridal line witnessed through intricate natural diamond necklaces and natural diamond earrings. The diamond necklaces and diamond earrings were very contemporary in their style, craftsmanship and even fits, bequeathing a new lease of life to redundant diamond jewellery designs. Thus if slow fashion is here to stay, then natural diamonds surely will lead the way!



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