We must talk about bodycon jewellery


If you’re in the market for experimenting with spring jewellery trends, allow us to introduce you to the reigning, couture-approved bling that’s going to boost your daily wear game. We’re talking about bodycon jewellery, a style so dramatic and easily switchable, that you can go from work to play without skipping a beat. Bodycon jewellery is basically a piece which is fitted to the max, and clings to the curve of your body. It can be a cuffed dangler, or a clingy choker, or even faux gloves which fit around your palms like a contour. Designers like Ana Khouri and Kim Mee Hye are exploring this trend big time, and it’s time you dived in too.

Ear to ear

Repossi’s Agrafe ear piece is the perfect minimal bodycon piece. Made with pure rose gold and well-cut diamonds, this fierce ear cuff has been designed like an angular pin to fit around your ear completely. You can also wear something like this along with a more embellished metallic piece, to add to the spunk.

Ana knows it

Ana Khouri is the queen of bodycon jewellery, and she has also completely changed the game for this interesting trend. Ana, who studied architecture, focuses on the silhouette of her pieces and then alters them to fit the designed mould. Like her emerald Mirian ring, which is a fresh way to go stack up finger bling. Kaia Gerber wore a Diamond Simplicity ear cuff by Ana to the British Fashion Council Awards; the cuffs were entirely made of marquise-cut diamonds and were designed to contour the lobe.

Spring in the step

Kim Mee Hye’s edgy and futuristic designs make for the perfect bodycon silhouettes. This 18 K yellow gold and pure diamond earring for instance, meant to be worn like a cuff, makes for a wild street style statement. Notice how easily wearable and pragmatic the clingy hoops are, and can basically go with anything.


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