Versatile and Vibrant – Deepika Nailed it with her Magnificent Jewellery in Padmavat


A visual treat flooded with grand sets and stunning costumes, film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s drama, Padmavat is an epitome of the grandeur of the bygone era. Created by Tanishq jewellers (Mumbai), the gorgeous and royal Rajasthani jewellery impersonates the captivating charm of the Rajput princess, and is truly inspiring.

Taking some 600 days and 200 craftsmen, astounding pieces ranging from polki necklaces, chokers, mang tikas, naths, finger rings, bangles, haathphools, mathapattis and ear cuffs were created, inspired from techniques honoured since time immemorial. The intricate use of the precious metal heavily and artfully encrusted with exquisite stones like emeralds, topaz, opals, and pearls was mesmerising. The end result – awe in every bit of detailing like minakari, jadau and exquisite kundan work enriched with splendid miniature paintings which boasted of elaborate Rajasthani tradition, culture and of course found its roots in the architecture of Rani Padmavat’s palace.

Let’s have a look at the jaw dropping pieces adorning Deepika from head-to-toe!

Richly detailed with uncut stones, and highlighted with pearls and emeralds, the breath taking choker and necklace worn by Deepika as she starts her journey as the queen of Chittor is a treat. The necklace has exquisite handmade paintings of Rani Padmavat on it and boasts of fine Partaj detailing, an ancient Indian technique of carving. The necklace is majestic and indeed fit for royalty.

The beauty in the choker lies in the minimal balancing with the centre crescent held by dainty pearl strings. Complete with a stunning nath and bold jhumki earrings, Deepika has set the bar quite high for impersonating royalty!

Drool-worthy, not only for the ghoomar song it is used in to adorn Deepika as she twirls and dances with diyas, this spectacular necklace will make you want to see it a second time and a third…True to its Rajputana legacy, the jadau choker necklace with its cone extentions and use of pearls is definitely fit for royal allure. Adding to its heavy appeal is the elaborate haathphool and a mix of chunky bangles with fine detailing of motifs and precious stones. And of course, the mathapatti and borla in the centre of her forehead to complete the mesmerising look.

In sync with her royal attire, the choker necklace with the beautiful chatai enamel technique in vibrant tones and studded with jadau makes for a perfect choice to represent the rich heritage of the yore. The lotus in full bloom hanging in the centre is an ode to the beauty of Rani Padmavat. The beautiful bangles richly detailed with curves and motifs look lovely with the haathphool which adorns her hand.

A sheer vintage delight, this look of Deepika is quite different from the rest but definitely appealing. The huge necklace set has intricate work reflecting the grand style worn by the Rajput royals. Adorned with a mathapatti and a gold nath, Deepika looks nothing short of a bride in her ensemble.

A brilliant blend, the baubles are seen enhanced with uncut stones set as motifs with a delicate detailing of dangling pearls. Surely the dimpled diva dazzles as she puts on this cultured jewellery and accentuates royal elegance.

Synonymous to Rajasthani culture, the transformed mang tikka a.k.a the borla shaped as a bell is used to adorn the head, typically designed to hold the ghoongat of women. The stunning head gear designed for the Rajput princess gain their inspiration from the architecture of the palace mainly the chandeliers. A delightful amalgamation of jadau and enamelling highlighted with precious stones make these a stunning sight.

An integral part of the Rajput ensemble, the nath offered a versatile appeal to Deepika in her role as the queen. Dainty detailing with fish and floral motif work ensure the bauble stands out owing to the sheer designing and extensive thought put into it.

Using the distinctive style of jadau, these rings are another example of the royal heritage. They are formed using an elaborate and extensive process, and look resplendent with the intricate detailing involved. Splashed with coloured stones, each bauble has a unique story in itself!

Inspired by the grand chandeliers of Rani Padmavat’s palace, this bajubandh cum choker is just apt to add to the regale look. The mesmerising motif pattern of colourful enamelling and delicate kundan work looks exquisite. Enhanced with pearls again, the piece depicts royalty in every bit.

Donning the layered look with brilliance, the gold necklaces, bangles and haathphools lends the ‘queen’ a beholding sight. Detailed with pearls and uncut stones, the jewellery matches beautifully with the pastel and gold of her dress.

Sure it is difficult to decide which look beats the rest given the sheer brilliance and thought behind each. The due importance that jewellery has received in this drama tragedy is mind boggling, and why not when it speaks volumes about the rich heritage and heightens the beauty of the royals. From elegant to elaborate, the stills seen above will definitely make you covet and crave royalty.


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