Morganite is the royalty-approved gemstone you should be splurging on


Kate Middleton wears it with Gucci and Blake Lively wears it on her engagement ring, and it’s officially the only gemstone that should matter this season. We’re talking about morganite, the pastel jewel which is fast gearing up to be the star of millennial bling. Morganite is essentially an orange-pink variety of the beryl gemstone and is one of the few precious stones which gels perfectly with rose gold jewellery. Morganite is a steady favourite with young royalty, and in fact, is a popular option in statement daily wear numbers. Since, rose colours are such a rage among the young crowd, morganite, with its watery pink hue, and moderations of pastels, has also come prominently in demand. It is obviously supremely wearable, what with it’s light, non-demanding colour symmetry, but it can also add a dash of serious formal chic to any attire you’re wearing. In case, you’re still curious, here are some stunning inspirations on how to wear morganite.

Kate Middleton with Gucci EarringsBlake Lively

Drop dead gorgeous

Kate Middleton is a total fangirl for morganite drop earrings and has sported them on several occasions. The iridescent, opaque colour of the gemstone makes it a stunning option for drop danglers. In fact, you can easily opt for ambitious, more ornate or bigger pieces as the stone never comes across as too imposing. 

Marganite Drop EarringsDrop danglers

Ring a bell?

Princess-cut morganite engagement rings and prominent solitaires are the most popular engagement ring trends when it comes to morganite. Bridal ring stacks are also gaining fast popularity, and morganite’s versatile pastel properties can be used as part of a coloured gem stack, to tone down the mood.

morganite engagement rings
Bridal ringring

Daily wear darling

Morganite is the ideal spring gemstone, as it is so easily wearable with almost everything. More and more millennial women are coming to acknowledge the significance of morganite numbers in the day wear milieu, and also to post-work occasions. Slinky morganite necklaces, or droopy chokers, can make for stunning options.

 morganite necklacedroopy chokers


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