Winning & Swooning High Jewellery Animal Motifs of the Year


Get ready to evoke desire in you, as we open jungle of award-winning animal motif jewellery designs picked up straight from the Top 100 precious jewellery designs of India at
the coveted Retail Jewellers India Awards 2019…

Let the world come in contact with your wild side with high jewellery pieces that applaud
exotic animals in an array of metal patinas, glittering precious gems and innovative designs.

While animals have been featured in jewellery collections for centuries, each year, skilled
jewellery designers launch their novel selections that mesmerise fashionistas and jewellery
connoisseurs who add these striking pieces to their jewellery vaults.

The pieces that we have hand-picked capture different animals, birds and insects, jewellery
techniques, and various shapes of gems bringing these incredible creations of nature to
bejewelled life. All you need to do is pick the right one for you.


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