This August, Let Tricoloured Jewels Rule The Roost


They say, wear your attitude for style. How about wearing your patriotism this time and that too a bejewelled one? With Independence Day around the corner, we give you a new reason to indulge in contemporary jewels. What more, you get to do three things at once. One, you exhibit your love for the nation, two, display some chic and fashionable jewels, and three, make an investment in something like gold that would near wear off in price. So here’s the ideal collection for that, the tricolour infused baubles by RK Jewellers South Extension 2. The collection thankfully is light-weight and elegant in appeal. The pieces have been crafted with beady tassels and precious gemstones. With gemstones like tanzanites, corals, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds rendered through shades of saffron, white and green symbolic of the tri-coloured flag of India, you get to show off your bold and boisterous flair!  

Green Tassel and diamond earrings Blue tassel diamond earrings


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