Say Aloha! to Diamond Jewellery Iris Flowers by Mirari

Diamond jewellery iris flowers by mirari

Mirari’s new Iris Diamond Jewellery collections pays ode to the three-petal flower with dazzling trillion diamonds crafted in rose and white gold. …Scroll down to get some flowers for keeps…

diamond necklace by Mirari

Elegant bracelets by iris

Have a taste for blooms for your jewelled vaults? But bored of roses, pansies and lotuses? How about the petals of the Iris flower? An exotic creation of Mother Nature, herald Mirari’s Iris line of diamond jewellery. Perfect for all age-groups, you will instantly get attracted to the diamonds that dazzle intrinsically through the alluring earrings, ravishing rings, dainty necklaces and particularly elegant bracelets. What more, you get to choose from contemporary rose gold or classic white gold. Thanks to the creative designer and master craftsmen, each piece of diamond jewellery is an enchanting rendition of the flower crafted in trillion shaped diamonds. Though the designs are lightweight, yet the opulence is glitteringly palpable. With a starting price range of 29,000 and going 32,00,000, these pieces are worth the spent as per your choice and liking.


dainty necklaces by mirari


ravishing diamond rings by Mirarialuring rings by mirari


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