Regal Heritage Jewellery: From Sabya With Love!


Every piece rises like a bejewelled king in the kingdom of ornamental dreams… His Majesty of Design, Sabyasachi Mukherjee (Mumbai)once again raises the bar of creativity albeit with heritage jewellery this time…

Sabyasachi Mukherjee aka Sabya bemuses us; we wonder if he was a jewellery designer first or a couture designer. Given the kind of designs, he has been creating lately makes him the undisputed czar of jewellery designing. This heritage collection is not just perfect for weddings but is also sheer magic. Just like the ebb and flow of his silhouettes getting metamorphosed into precious metals and gems. We are yet to see jewellery that embodies royalty and yet is so contemporary in its appeal. Now that can only come out from a genius like Sabya. Down below are not just specimens, but an ode to jewellery designing as a craft…

Zambian Emeralds & Basra Pearls Chokerunusual statement neckpiece.uncut diamonds and tourmalines.tourmalines and emeraldsSyndicate Diamonds & Pearls Necklacereversible necklaceColombian Emerald Choker


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