Raja Ravi Verma’s Paintings Brought Back To Life With Real Muses & Antique Gold Jewellery Designs Of Yore


It is always easy to retell a story in words. But fathom recreating a legend’s portraits with real women. Not just that, then photograph them to tell a visual saga seeped in history and tradition juxtaposed with antique gold jewellery. We witnessed such an endeavour that paid tribute to one of India’s greatest painters ever, Raja Ravi Varma.

TJD gives you a picture-by-picture account of Raja Ravi Verma’s iconic paintings recreated with real women and poses adorned in the most magnificent antique gold jewellery designs recreated by none other than the house of Prince Jewellery from Chennai and shot by G Venket Ram.

Chennai-based photographer G Venket Ram took to this unique task for Naam, a charitable trust founded by actor-director Suhasini Maniratnam commemorating its 10th anniversary this year.   Witness the pinnacle of perfection, beauty and jewels…


Radha in Moonlight

Shruti Haasan brings back the understated style of wearing antique gold jewellery replete with antique gold jewellery sets and Chettinadu rings and anklets. Her antique gold necklace designs take us back to an epoch where intricate handiwork led jewellery designing.


Pose of Perfection

Nadia reiterates the stance, ‘I am a beauty to behold’ with a long manga malai, an antique gold necklace design with mango motifs and a central pendant. Her antique gold choker necklace woven with gold beads in black thread symbolises auspiciousness. Kadas, bangles and a South Indian styled square emerald ring with scattered uncut diamonds exalts femininity.


 Jewels of Motherhood

Samantha here is an expectant mother holding a fruit figurative of a new life. Delicate antique gold jewellery sets circumscribe her style. A simple strand of pearls and an antique gold necklace design is unmissable. Coupled with traditional jhumkis, top earlobe earrings and a pearl drop naath augment her grace.


 Adorned & Adored

Ramya Krishnan as Damayanti listens to the tales of Nala from the swan. The beautiful lady is decked up with antique gold jewellery sets and earrings. The eye does catch the elaborate anklet design that elegantly glides on her feet.



Temple Tales

Khusbu is recaptured as a Maharashtrian lady after a temple visit and boasts classic Chettinadu earrings with rubies. Her dual nose rings standout. The antique gold necklace design of her solid choker and long antique gold jewellery set reveal the mastery of antique gold jewellery of that region.


South Indian Grandeur

Shobana does absolute justice to Raja Ravi Varma’s famous painting, ‘There Comes Papa’ that portrays his daughter Mahaprabha Thampuratty and grandson Marthanda Varma. Here too, the revelries of antique gold jewellery are exhibited through antique gold necklace design and gold bangles.


 Royally Decked Up

Aishwarya Rajesh dons the hat of Rani of Pudukkottai, where her getup stages the antique gold necklace design of Kasu Malai, a long chain popular during weddings. As a queen, she wears antique gold jewellery sets, a mathapatti, hair ornaments, several nosepins, kadas, bangles with trinkets and the works, typical of royal antique gold Jewellery. Her antique gold necklace design exudes undiluted regal opulence.



Ceremonial Splendour

Lissy Lakshmi as a royal woman from Kerala motivated by Ravi Varma’s style heralds a very minimalist yet imperial expression. The centre of attention is a Mulla Pu Mala. Inspired by jasmine flowers, this antique gold necklace design was adorned by women of South India during ceremonial occasions.


 Majestic Magnificence

In her second makeover, Shruti Haasan replicates the portrait of the Rani of Kurupam. The gorgeous actor showcases various styles of antique gold jewellery. The antique gold necklace design revisits the raani haar, emblematic of antique gold jewellery sets of yesteryears. Her hair accessories, bangles and rings, are all analogous of the Chettinadu era. A striking choker pearl necklace completes the royal bearing.


Queenly Charm

Lakshmi Manchu sits pretty immortalising the Portrait of Rani Chimnabai 1, after whom the Lakshmi Vilas palace in Tanjore is named. The antique gold necklace design depicts the use of coloured stones that was dominant during the Malabar era. Fine cut exquisite emeralds are woven together in a flattened gold chain. She further wears ruby earrings, also symbolic of Chettinadu jewellery.


Lakshmi Bai’s Ornamental Glory

Chamundeswari commands pride as Maharani Lakshmi Bai. Being a queen, she too wears various antique gold jewellery pieces. Classic antique gold necklace designs, bangles and a heavy-duty waist belt along with antique gold jewellery sets add to the majestic aplomb. She too wears ruby earrings and big chunky finger rings of the same style. This is regal flair at its best.


Bengal’s Beauty & Bling

Priyadarshini Govind is a vision in antique gold jewellery as Kadambari, a modern and intellectual Bengali lady playing the sitar. Her antique gold jewellery is a mix of patterns. The antique gold necklace design encompasses dignity and aesthetics illustrated through antique gold necklace sets and simplistic hand adornments.



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