Geet Jewels is taking cocktail maximalism to the next level, and we love it


Cocktail Rings @Geet Jewels, Ahmedabad.

Geet Jewels has come up with superbly, dramatic and exquisitely crafted gemstone rings; each number features a stylised curation of strategically placed coloured stones and some quirky motifs. Our favourite was the extravagant parrot ring, depicting a bird perched on the yellow gold band; it has been designed to draw attention to the intricate workmanship. The wings of the bird are entirely made with flawless diamonds, along with emerald and tanzanite accents. The entire line-up features a refreshingly chic and contemporary collection of cocktail jewellery aimed at the young buyers since millennials are all about trading their dainty, layered rings for a maximalist fauna-themed statement pick, be it for black-tie soirees or pairing with their wedding kundan.


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